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Story@home Multipurpose High Quality Durable Kitchen Household and Garden Scissor - Grey and Red


About Scissor
- Multipurpose Shears for a Wide Variety of Uses, Whether it's cutting, peeling, scaling, cracking nuts or even snipping, the Story@Homes Multifunction Scissor are an ideal tool to possess in your kitchen toolbox.
- From deboning and scaling fish to opening bottle caps and peeling vegetables, these shears can perform a multitude of tasks with relative ease.
- Featuring steel teeth at the centre, you can use these shears to crack tough nuts as well as seafood shells. Made from High Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Use, Featuring sharp stainless steel blades, the Story@Homes Multifunction Shears can easily cut and slice through most household and kitchen tasks with ease.
- The high quality material retains sharpness even with regular use.
- At the base, this tool features ergonomically contoured handles that provide a comfortable and non-slip grip to help you perform your tasks without any hiccups.
- Unique Design for Versatile Use,the Story@Homes Multifunction Kitchen Shears can be used for performing tasks such as peeling, cutting or opening bottle caps.

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- Brand: Story@Home
- Material:Carbon Steel
- Dimension: Scissor Size:Total Length: 8.5 INCH, Blade Size: 4 INCH

About Story@Home
Make your house look classic by inviting Story@Home product at your house.We at Story@Home take almost care about customer's expectations and trust.A consummate commitment to excellence in every aspect of our existence has made Story@Home the brand of.Customer centricity, which is at the core of Story@Home value system, propels our drive for outstanding quality and superlative output through consistent innovations and customisations, be it in product development, delivery mechanisms or consumer experience.

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