As the festive season approaches, many of us are eager to infuse our homes with a sense of celebration and warmth. A significant aspect of creating a festive atmosphere lies in the choice of bedsheets and curtains. Story@Home, known for its exquisite designs and quality, offers a range of home furnishings that has garnered praise from Influencers.

In this blog, we'll delve into the creative ideas and inspirations shared by influencers to help you infuse your space with elegance and festivity.

Boho Dreams and Butterfly Themes - Festive Living Room Decor  

Mesmerizing Bohemian Festive look created with captivating Butterfly print Bohemian Curtains from Story@Home. Dynamic color palette adds a pop of color to create a lively festive ambience. They perfectly complement the festive decor items like flowers, wall hangings and lamps etc.  These curtains are available in various color schemes, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with your personal style.

Festive Blooms – King Size Cotton Elegance

A flower motif king-size cotton bedsheet is the ideal backdrop for your festive decor. Story@Home's simple and elegant bedsheets in soft pastels and whites provide a serene backdrop. The room is adorned with minimalistic decor, including wooden accents, scented candles, potted plants and fresh flowers creating a seamless connect with the bedsheet's floral design, adding a refreshing touch to the festive setting.

Traditional Festive Radiance – King Size Comfort & Sunny Retreat

A Yellow king size cotton bedsheet is an ideal starting point for a traditional elegance look. This color adds a touch of warmth and brightness to the space with hues ranging from soft pastel to deep mustard shades. Soft warm lighting and flowers infuses the space with natural beauty casting a gentle glow over the room. It instantly evokes an aesthetic and comfortable look.

Festive Dreams with Blooms, Butterflies and Satin Stripes -

This Chic Bedroom transformation is created with Vibrant Floral print Comforter for a contemporary & layered festive look. Satin Stripes Mustard Bedsheet serves as ideal backdrop for the floral comforter with its simplicity and elegance. Colorful Butterfly print Curtains add charm to overall look. Glitzy wall accessories complement the floral pattern on Comforter & Curtains enhancing the festive decor.

Festive Lounge in Elegant Blues – Living Room Delight

Elegant blue blackout curtains set the stage for a vibrant and spirited festive makeover. These Curtains add a touch of sophistication and complement the color palette that resonates with traditional hues of Indian festivals. They are perfect to create a Cozy festive ambience as external light levels can be adjusted. The fusion of contemporary elegance with tradition creates a festive haven of joy.


Home furnishings from Story@Home offer a wide variety of options to cater to different tastes and decor preferences during the festive season. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, and bohemian or minimalist, Bedsheets & Curtains from Story@Home can be your canvas to transform your home into a festive wonderland. Visit now.