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Pile on the pillows

You have been sitting all day in front of your laptop, working, but most probably also daydreaming about hitting the bed at the end of the day. You need a supportive buddy to take care of your overburdened neck and shoulders. Pillows should offer support for your neck and shoulder after a long day just like a friend provides your emotional support. Livpure brings to you a variety of pillows for your day and night comfort. You will find the best pillow for sleeping from our range of pillows- find the one that fits you!

You must be wondering, why did we mention anything about day comfort? Yes, you heard it right, Livpure has found the perfect solution for resting your back while you sit with its back support pillow- Spyne. Spyne is a pillow for back pain while you sit on your chair to work. It gives you a much desired back support while you sit and work, and it comes in two sizes to fit your body right. Just get this chair pillow for back pain and glide through the workday! We are after all, not only about sleeping pillows, we are also about sitting pillows!

After a long workday, it’s time to lay down on a soft mattress and pillow. But what kind of pillow do you need to get that perfect night of sleep? Well, it all depends on you, and we offer a wide range to choose from when you know what you need! When you are looking for the most versatile and cost-effective pillow online, You will find our Cloud- the microfiber pillow, to be the best out of the lot. When you lay your head on it, it just feels like you are sleeping on the cloud itself, it’s just as soft and tender. If you want to reach a higher level of relaxation, you can take a look at Breeze- the memory foam pillow, to go with your memory foam mattress as well. It is a pillow with cool gel memory foam technology to keep you sweat-free all night- just perfect for Indian summers!