Protect your Kids from itchy Mosquito bites and diseases!

Protect your Kids from itchy Mosquito bites and diseases!

We all know that mosquitos bring all sorts of life-threatening diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. To get rid of mosquitos, most parents use mosquito coil or mats; however, that can be unsafe for kids. It contains harmful chemicals that can affect your child’s sensitive skin, leading to skin allergies. 

For complete protection, the best alternative is to keep your children inside mosquito nets that are safe and handy for travelling. Search for some effective and handy machardani online. We, at Story@home have a plethora of options for home accessories. 

Besides this one, there are a few basic steps to protect your baby and family from the mosquito menace. 

  1. Cover properly!

The most effective ways to prevent mosquito bites is to minimise the area of exposed skin. Make sure you dress your baby in full-length garments to avoid mosquito bites. 

Infants should be dressed in bodysuits and onesies without letting any area exposed. 

Select light-coloured clothing rather than dark ones as it can keep your baby cool and mosquito-free. 

  1. Select the right mosquito repellent 

You may get a variety of mosquito repellents in the market. These repellents will guarantee you to be safe for your kid; instead, it can harm your child’s skin and health. 

Some repellents are effective for about 2-5 hours after application, depending on the concentration of the chemical in the product. 

It’s advisable to never use repellents on infants (2 months of age). Pick a 100% natural repellent made up natural oils and is DEET free. 

Pro tip: Prevent using repellents containing N, N, N-Diethylbenzamide (DEB) and N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET) as well. Never use a repellent with more than 30% DEET, Ethyl butyl acetylamino propionate (IR3535) or picaridin. 

  1. Invest in good-quality mosquito nets 

Mosquito nets are the best alternative to get mosquitos at bay. Your child should be covered well and kept inside mosquito nets to prevent mosquito-related diseases. 

For more safety, you can also use mosquito screens for your doors and windows to avoid mosquitoes entering inside your home. 

Make sure all your mosquito nets are free from holes and close all gaps in window or door frames. Buy high-quality machardani online only at Story@Home! 

  1. Get rid of mosquito breeding grounds 

It’s known to all that mosquitos thrive in stagnant water and can even lay eggs in even a small amount of water. 

Thus, it’s essential to keep your surroundings clean and never leave water in coolers, indoor plants, pet dishes, cans, bottles, empty flower pots and likewise. 

Make sure you clean all your water containers at least once a week. Scrub all the sides well and refill it with fresh water as mosquitos take 7-10 days to multiply. 

The best way is to add a few drops of kerosene in open drains, ponds, etc. wherever stagnant water remains. The reason behind is that oil forms a thin film over the water and prevents breeding. 

  1. How about trying mosquito repellent fragrances?

You have a lot of incense sticks, scented candles and essential oils that can keep your house mosquito-free and smell good. 

Floral and fruity scents can attract mosquitos while some scents like citronella, cedar, neem, eucalyptus, lemongrass, etc. repel mosquitos. 

Lighting incense burners, agarbattis, candles, dhoop and even mosquito repellent coils can leave burns on your baby’s skin accidentally. It would help if you kept it at a safe distance. 

We would recommend you to use fragrance-free soaps, oils, shampoos, toiletries, etc. to prevent mosquitos gathering in your home. 


Do you want to keep your baby away from mosquitos? 


Invest in a high-quality and durable mosquito net from Story@Home. All our products are priced very reasonably and are worth buying to keep ailments at bay. The mosquito nets are 100% comfortable and breathable for both adults and children. Buy our affordable machardani online!

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