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    Buy Bedsheets (बेडशीट) Online

    Today, you can purchase almost everything online. From groceries to medicines to electricals to beddings, there is a portal for it. In terms of bedding, there are numerous options available online and even more portals from where you can buy quality bedding. When you buy bedsheets online, you need to choose well. Finding a single portal for all your bedding requirements can be a challenge but we are here to end your hunt. Story@Home offers a wide range of items for beddings, bath and more. There are all kinds of choices available that take into account different tastes and preferences of people. You can find your favorite colors and designs for bedsheets that will instantly liven up your bedroom.

    Shop For The Best Bedsheets Online At Story@Home

    Be it any room and any mood, be it a festival or a special occasion, Story@Home has a wide range of products to offer and these all could be used in daily use! Story@Home curates and manufactures products that are comfortable and cozy, modern yet artistic. These products will surely liven up every nook and corner and make your home more beautiful and welcoming. Story@Home believes in focusing on quality and creating products that will make customers happy.

    What Are The Different Types Of Bedsheets

    Need to buy bedsheets online? But do you have enough information to work with such as what is the size of your bed and what type of bedsheet will you be needing? Bedsheets come in different shapes and sizes so it is essential you know what type of bedsheet you are looking to buy. There are flat bedsheets and fitted bed sheets, single bedsheets and double bedsheets, from which you can choose from. Furthermore, there are so many materials such as cotton, cotton-blend, bamboo, polyester, silk, flannel and more to choose from for your bedsheet.

    Which Are The Best Bedsheets To Buy?

    The concept of ‘best bedsheets’ varies from person to person. Ideally, they are the ones from which you derive great comfort and deliver in being premium quality while being affordable. Thread count plays a valuable role in determining if bed sheets are of a good quality. Look for thread count between 200 and 800 since they are more in the affordable range as well as considered as good quality material. Make sure you go for a verified and credible brand such as Story@Home to buy bedsheets and other kinds of bed linen.

    What Are The Most Comfortable Bedsheets?

    Comfortable bedsheets can be defined as the ones that instantly put your mind and body at ease when you lie down on the bed. You should find yourself sinking into the soft fabric and relax, eventually drifting off to sleep. For you it can be cotton bed sheets while for someone else satin bedsheets translate into comfort. The entire purpose of your bedsheets is to be soft, comfortable, and breathable so that you can a complete and a good night’s sleep every single night.

    How Can I Order Bedsheets From Story@Home?

    Story@Home has numerous options available for different seasons, preferences, etc. and you buy bed sheets online from their website. Look for the bedsheets under the bedding section and scroll through various choices. You can filter based on factors such as thread count, product type, collection, colour, price, etc. Make sure to go through the images and read everything mentioned in the product description. Now add to cart your preferred options, make the payment, and have the bedsheets delivered home in just a few days!

    Can I Order Bedsheets In Different Sizes?

    You can order bedsheets in different sizes from Story@Home. Whether you buy bedsheets online or from the store, you need to know the size of your bed/mattress. Story@Home offers different sizes such as Single Bedsheets, Double Bedsheets, King Bedsheets and Super King Size Bedsheets.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Cotton Bedsheets?

    Cotton is the most common choice when it comes to choosing the material for bedsheets. Here are some benefits of cotton bedsheets:

    • Cotton is a breathable material and can absorb moisture from your skin.
    • Cotton is soft and has hypoallergenic qualities so if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, cotton sheets are your best bet.
    • Cotton weaves are more durable and hence, pure cotton bedsheets last for many years.
    • Cotton offers room for stretching, making it more comfortable to sleep on.
    • Cotton is suitable for all seasons. It can keep you cool during summers and can keep you warm during winters.

    For more information on bedsheet types, materials, and tips check Story@Home Blog.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best thread count?
    Thread count plays an essential in determining the quality of a bedsheet. The best thread count must be somewhere between 200 to 400. Anything lower than 180 will have a rough texture while anything over 400 is just an exaggerated number.

    How often should I wash my bedsheets?
    Ideally, you should be washing your bedsheets once a week. If you are not spending too much time on the bed, you can stretch it to washing them once in two weeks.

    What bed sheets do I need for summer and winter?
    Your best bet would be to go with cotton bedsheets. They can keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Bamboo, Egyptian Cotton and Linen are some other choices for summer while Sateen Blend, Fleece and Cotton are some other options for winter.

    How can I make sure I order the right size bedsheet?
    Most portals will provide the measurements in the description or at least mention the bed size the bedsheet is meant for - king size bed, queen size bed, twin beds or single bed. Fitted bedsheets are almost the same size as your mattress while flat bedsheets have a lot more surface area

    What is the standard size for bedsheets?

    Here’s what you should know about standard bedsheet sizes:

    Sheet Type



    Single Size Bedsheet

    60 x 88 in

    152 x 224 cms

    Double Size Bedsheet

    88 x 100 in

    224 X 254 cms

    King Size Bedsheet

    90 x 108 in

    254 X 274 cms

    Super King Size Bedsheet

    108 x 108 in

    274 X 274 cms


    Do 100% cotton bedsheets shrink?
    Yes, 100% cotton bedsheets can shrink if not washed properly. Pre-shrunk cotton bedsheet will shrink 2-5% but if it has not gone through the shrinking process, it can shrink up to 20%. To avoid or reduce the shrinking, wash the cotton bedsheets in cold water.

    What is the difference between single and double bedsheets?
    A single or twin bedsheet is meant for a single mattress that can comfortably accommodate just one person. The bedsheet usually measures 39” x 75” approx. (fitted sheets) and 66” x 96” approx. (flat sheets). On the other hand, a double or full bedsheet is meant for a double mattress that can comfortably accommodate two people. The bedsheet usually measures 54” x 75” approx. (fitted sheets) and 96” x 102” approx. (flat sheets).

    Which is the best brand for bed sheets in India?
    When it is great comfort and premium quality you seek at an affordable price, Story@Home offers a wide variety of bedsheets. Whether it is bright colours or subtle colours, big prints or small prints, you can find your perfect bedsheet for your bedroom at Story@Home!

    How do I measure my bedsheets?
    The best way to measure your bedsheet is to take a measuring tape and measure the length, width and height of the mattress. Whether you are buying them online or from a store, measurements will always be provided.

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