10 Home Décor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Living Room

10 Home Décor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Living Room

Living room is the heart of your home! A place closest to all family members and a place that has beautiful memories. Living Room is the first glimpse of your house and a place for all get together. It gives the vibe of your house, a perfect living room can make family members feel positive and happy and it can definitely make friends and family feel welcomed and comfortable.

Living room reveals a lot about your personality, thoughts, beliefs and vibes. Every single thing in your living room matters and thus it’s important to decorate your living room in the way you feel and the way you want everyone else to feel.

A little bit of perfection, a little of mismatch, a few colors and a glimpse of art, beauty and royalty can make your living room like heaven. Here are a few ideas that would brighten up your living room.


Decorate it with Memories

What makes Home the most beautiful place on earth? – The MEMORIES and a reminder of it will always make your closed ones happy and give a glimpse of your life to your friends and guests. Happiness extracts Happiness, and having a look at the memories can make everyone feel good. Frame your memories with some unique, quirky, cool, simple, wooden or glass any kind of frames. Frames that would suit the color of your walls! Choose your frame, Get the pictures printed and find the best corner of the living room to hang it well. You can even place the frames on the side table, office table or TV table wherever you want to place it! A little touch of memory will just add beauty to the living room.

Drape with Curtains

You know what gives the perfect finishing to long doors and windows? – Curtains! You get the best curtain and all the doors and windows would look magical. Curtains can be beneficial in many ways – it could make the room look beautiful, it will give your privacy and can even create a cozy ambience. Choose the curtains as per your living room theme, wall colors and vibe you want to go with; the color of the curtain matters – remember and choose your style of curtain now.

Add a touch of Comfort

A Home is best known for its comfort! Comfort is a luxury and everyone loves to have luxury. Make your living room comfortable with Couch, bean bag and soft cushions! Choose a Couch that won’t occupy much space but will be spacious or choose a bean bag that has good quality of fillers and great material! Remember the Cushion can make it all right for you, choose cute cushions with awesome cushion covers and place in on your sofa or couch! There’s no wrong way of keeping a cushion, keep it the way you want and ensure it matches the color of your furniture or couch.

Make it Artistic

A piece of art helps in giving a creative touch of the living room. It could be an artistic painting, a showpiece or a sculpture; it could even be different types of vases or action figures! Any piece of art designed beautiful can make your living room look creative and artistic.  Ensure the art goes well with your thought process or makes you happy or pleases your eyes. When you find the one for you, go for it.

Choose the right color

Color matters the most! Color of the wall, curtains, frames, furniture, and every single thing is important. According to psychology colors helps you feel certain way and create a certain kind of atmosphere. Choose the color that matches your need and ensure everything you buy for your living room compliments the color combinations.

Beauty of Nature

Greenery is always Gorgeous! A few plans would keep the house fresh and will keep you close to the nature. Plants that are well-taken care of can impart a lot of positivity to home. Plant and the Planters can make your balcony look gorgeous and ecstatic. Ensure the plants you buy get proper sunlight and regular watering; good plans can create wonders.

Touch of Royalty

Royalty is rare; the word itself gives the feeling of richness and luxury. Add the touch of Royalty to your living with well-designed carpets. Carpets with great material and amazing color/pattern. The Carpets can make your living room look elegant and magnificent; at times it even makes the room look spacious.

Making it bright

Add the touch of lights to your living room! The bright or colorful lights will help you create a mood for the situations – be it romantic, get –together or just a cozy party. Lights can create a huge impact to the way your living room looks. Choose the regular lights but always keep options for other kinds of lights as well.

Furnish It Well

Living room is incomplete without furniture! A sofa, coffee table or a side table can make the living room look magnificent and additionally it creates a space to accommodate more people and have alluring get together. Choose Sofas that would comfortable and Sofa; don’t go with the looks that could hurt someone – remember people spent  a lot of time in living room and a piece of furniture which isn’t well designed or polished can make things go all wrong..

Make it aromatic

Doesn’t a nice smell automatically lift your mood? It helps you lighten up and thus Smell could play a major part in making your living room a perfect place. It’s just about the feel a good smell can give! Choose some nice room fresheners or candles to make your living room smell aromatic. You can even plant a few flowers to make your home smell amazing permanently.

We are sure this would help you give your living room your kind of touch! Looking for products to renovate or decorate your living room? Explore our BEST HOME DÉCOR AND HOME FURNISHING COLLECTION!


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