3 Essential Bedroom Furnishings To Buy This Year
The bedroom is the one space in the house that offers solitude and a place of rest. It is your go-to place when you wish to retire for the night or take a quick power nap in the middle of a busy working day. It doubles up as a changing room every morning as you leave for work. It offers refuge from the rest of the world and helps you unwind and sleep like a baby at night.
After the year you’ve had in 2020, it is time to cheer yourself up with a small bedroom remodel. You’re probably not thinking of major repairs at this time. Small tweaks and touches go a long way in transforming the bedroom from ‘Meh’ to ‘Marvellous!’ After you’ve given the room a fresh coat of paint, you can check out the most important new bedroom furnishings to buy for the space:
#1 Curtains
The window in your bedroom is the primary source of natural light. Though natural light is always welcome, it can cast a glare on your wall mounted TV screen or laptop (if you are working from the bedroom). The easiest way to curtail the amount of light flowing into the room, is to invest in a pair of cotton window curtains. If your bedroom window faces the West or South, then it will receive a lot of hot, penetrating sunlight at certain times of the day. In this case, you need to buy a pair of blackout curtains. If the light coming into the room is mellow, then a pair of light cotton curtains in a pastel shade is enough. Some bedrooms have full length windows – door curtains are required in this case. Choose cotton curtains that are easy to clean. Start by browsing through our collection of curtains for your windows.
#2 Floor rug
Nothing enhances the look of your living space more than a floor rug. A floor rug in your bedroom lends a touch of elegant sophistication to the entire room. It also draws attention to the floor, which is useful if you have a stunning wooden floor or mosaic flooring. Look for plush floor rugs from leading brands in India to offer a deep footfall, noise cancellation and a posh finish. If you don’t want an elaborate carpet, you can buy a runner carpet or rug in an alluring pattern and deep base colour. Just ensure that it does not trip you up, and that you mop or vacuum clean any food spills right away.
#3 New dohars
Dohars are thin comforters. They are a truly ethnic bedroom furnishing, and most Indians have dohars made by their grandmothers and elders already sitting in their linen closets. But if you don’t own one, it is time to change how your bed looks and how you sleep at night, with a new dohar for the bed. If you and your partner don’t wish to share a dohar, you can buy two matching singles or contrasting ones. Leading brands in India offer AC dohars, which are suitable for the season since you will probably sleep with the air-conditioner on this summer. Check the manufacturer’s warranty and care instructions before you place an online order.
The above items are only an indicative list of the bedroom furnishings you must buy for your bedroom remodel this year. It is time to create your unique bedroom by letting your creative juices flow – and some help from Story@Home. We can help you choose the best in bedroom furnishings, with the right mix of colour, quality and price points to suit your unique taste.