4 Things To Add To Your Guest Bedroom

4 Things To Add To Your Guest Bedroom

4 Things To Add To Your Guest Bedroom
As a proud home owner, you love to invite friends and family over for parties and intimate dinners – this gives you a chance to show off your lovely home to people with good taste. Since you love entertaining, you have guests staying over frequently – which means you have a separate bedroom for them. But are you unhappy with how the guest bedroom looks and feels? Maybe it’s time to spruce it up and make it a cosier space.

We’ve got a few simple tips to share about the elements you can add to the guest bedroom to make it a beautiful room that your guests will rave about to everybody they know. These pointers will get your creative juices flowing – here’s some help to get started:

#1 A Pull-Out Bed.
The guest bedroom may be smaller in size than the master or kids’ bedrooms. Hence, optimising the floor space is important. Instead of a heavy double bed that cuts walking space, you could invest in a pull-out bed that serves as a sofa during the day. There are some stunning pull-out beds you can check out online, that add both functionality and a dramatic flourish to the room.

#2 A Simply Furnished Bathroom.
Guests staying overnight would like to have some privacy – and having an attached bathroom or one close to their sleeping quarters is ideal. There’s no need to spend a lot of money furnishing the guest bathroom, but simple touches go a long way. Install a beautiful set of bathroom curtains for the shower area, or look for colourfully printed shower curtains online. We have an extensive range of waterproof bathroom curtains to choose from. Apart from bathroom curtains, add at least five hooks on the wall to hang towels and clothes on, a napkin ring next to the wash basin, a toothbrush and razor holder, and a couple of scented soaps in the shower area.

#3 Small Wall Art.
The guest bedroom may not be in regular use, but it need not be a sterile, uninviting space. Browse online home furnishing sites to choose small canvases (about three to four are enough) that you can add to the wall above the bed. Even a slim mirror tacked to the wall and finished with an ornate wooden frame looks great.

#4 A Single Wardrobe.
Your guests will need to hang their clothes somewhere, or they will be forced to throw them around the room. Minimise clutter and increase functionality by adding a single wardrobe in a corner. Choose a wardrobe with a mirror on one shutter so that you don’t need to invest in a wall mirror. Look for cupboards with a mix of hanger and shelf space. Don’t forget to include about 5 hangers as well.

#5 An Area Rug.
Nobody likes to put their feet on a cold floor when they wake up. Be a thoughtful host and add a floor rug on either side of the pull-out bed. You can choose a rug in a deep colour and good thickness from our store.

There you have it – simple flourishes that make the guest bedroom a more inviting space to use and sleep in. If you’re looking for more design ideas, you can check on our collections for bed linen, window and door curtains, towels and napkins, and also folding chairs. We have simple online payment and quick delivery processes – so get shopping. With our help, you can create the most perfect guest bedroom with minimum fuss.
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