4 Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom Decor under Rs.3000

4 Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom Decor under Rs.3000

Everyone likes to style their homes; with the best of the products, they like. But the budget is always a concern for us. We have to stay under the set budget and do our purchasing most of the time, whether it's chairs, carpets, curtains, wall décor, or any other item of home furnishing. Let us begin to discuss some of the ideas to get an idea about styling your home with chairs, carpets, curtains, wall décor under a budget of ₹ 3,000.


Carpets enhance the look and feel of any interior living space and provide a touch of warmth to the floors. Story@Home offers you a wide range of carpet options to choose from. You can get some solid pattern carpet in dark brown, red wine, light burgundy, yellowish-brown, runner orange, or many other colors; which come for the price of around ₹ 1,499 only. Polyester abstract color carpets are also available in many different shades for a price of ₹ 599 only. Different materials are used in the carpets like bamboo, jute, wool, silk, cotton, nylon, in many sizes as per the client's requirements. You can easily find a good quality carpet at the best price and the best quality.


Chairs can be used in a home for any purpose like dining, the living room, or even the reading room, which makes it important to understand what kind of chair will be suitable. The buyer should know his or her requirement from the chair they want to get, like the quantity, the color, fabric to be used, durability, and many other factors. Story@Home will help you get the perfect chair you are looking for at an affordable price, not compromising the quality. A range of folding chairs are available at Story@Home, padded as well as non-padded. These chairs are very durable and attractive, with price ranging from ₹ 1,999 to ₹ 2,499 only.


A good curtain can give a completely new definition to the home as it is the first thing people notice as soon as entering a room. Curtains are available in polyester as well as in cotton. Curtains colors are preferred to be in contrast with the color of the walls. Like, a dark curtain is recommended for a room with a light-colored wall and vice versa. Some of the popular curtains at Story@Home are Blackout Faux Silk long door curtain, Polyester maroon sheer door curtain, turquoise door sheer net curtain.

Wall Décor:

One can easily find a suitable wall painting at Story@Home with only a starting range of ₹ 399. Three-piece combo sets of wall décor are also available at a price of just ₹ 749. Now you do not have to keep those walls empty. Wall clocks are also available in the wall décor criteria in an affordable range of ₹ 599 to ₹ 699.

Story@Home is a one-stop virtual platform for your home furnishing needs. It is a brand running successfully in India since the last twelve years. Story@Home has been able to keep up with its reputation to provide good quality at the best prices to its clients since the beginning. One can get every home décor item that they might need, from chairs, carpets, curtains, wall décor to mattresses and mats. Story@Home has got your back.

Now you have got a lot of options in chairs, carpets, curtains, wall décor, at a price range that is very well below ₹ 3,000, so that it doesn’t hurt your pocket. Story@Home will cater to your needs of quality at an affordable price, with a wide variety to choose from in all categories of home décor items.

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