5 Items that will make your Home more cozy and comfortable this Year

5 Items that will make your Home more cozy and comfortable this Year

“Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.”

2020 was one difficult year! The Human race saw incidents that broke hearts and hopes but it even gave us the strength to fight, to relive and to enjoy.  The one best thing about 2020 has been ‘Home’. A home where we belonged, a place built by the family, by you with great hard work, a place which we all craved for but the busy scheduled never gave us the time to be at home, to live the moments, to create memories – to have days to talk, to look, to create, to re-create and to appreciate home!

It’s time to add a little more magic to your Home! So let us make our Home more magical, more comfortable and really cozy!

Here are a few things that will help you re-decorate your home in a more stylish, creative, budget friendly and royal way! This year let’s make our Home better because “there is no place like home”

5 Things to Make Your Home More Cozy and Comfortable This Year            


Curtains – Way to Make the Place More Private and Cozy

 A Curtain can do a lot to your living room and bedroom! We all love windows and glass doors, it enhances the view, creates a space where you can enjoy the outside beauty right from the comfort but there are days where you want the space to be quite, cozy and private. Be it during an evening with your family or an afternoon where you want to chill or when want to live some sweet memorable moments, you just want your home to be as comfortable as possible and to belong to you and the people with you. Curtains – helps you balance out to create the private space and lets you enjoy the outer beauty whenever you wish.

Buying curtains that would match with your bedroom theme or your living room or something that’s cute/creative or something that’s out of the place but still feels beautiful!  Curtain’s for the windows, balcony / door would add up the real feel to your living room and will help create the perfect space as per your mood.

Go with the color you love, go with the theme you wish to try, Check out the Curtains collection, ensure it’s of the best quality and get it placed wherever you wish!

This thought feels so nice, isn’t it? Check out the Curtains Collection Now!


Plants & Pots – Relive the Greenery

No matter how hard you love to party or live a modern life, at the end or on a time to time basis, we look for peace, for calmness, for stability and for something that’s natural! To bring in this real kind of feel go ahead and buy some plants and the perfect pots for the plants!

Get some outdoor plants for your balcony or terrace, get some indoor plants; create your own little beautiful garden! There are plenty of options for plants – plants that grow beautiful, plants that add colors, plants that are just perfect for your feelings and emotions. Once you decide the plants, make a decision about the pots! When you are going to start something so beautiful, you have all the right to make it extra special. A simple or unique or a colorful pot will make a huge difference to your gallery/terrace/garden.

This weekend, get your planting plan ready and don’t forget to take care of them! We are sure; you are going to love your little garden to the core.

Wall Art & Photo Frames – Let’s get the memories and inspiration together

Let’s accept it, a home without photo frames and wall art is just pale & bland! Home is all about memories and there are a few which needs to be framed, which needs to be looked at regular basis, which you can show to the world.

Be it your living room or your bedroom, Wall Art and Photo Frames gives that perfect feeling of belonging!

The artistic, antique, expressive, creative kind of Wall Arts would give the magnetic look to your room, those pieces would reflect the way you think whereas the photo frames with the memories would reflect about the way you live; and every time you would look over those, you will feel calm and there will be an instant smile on the face.

It’s time to get the memories framed and thoughts reflect! Start your voyage for the Wall Arts Now!

Mattress – Sleep the Way You Wish!

We spend 1/3 of our life in sleeping! Who doesn’t love to sleep? Who doesn’t love to lay down on the bed and relax? If there was no sleep, life would have been horrible! No matter how short or long your sleeping hours are what’s important is to sleep peacefully in those hours.

We spent hours working, studying, stressing out about life, needs, dreams, passion – busy coping up with the present and thinking about future; and this stressful day needs to end with a good night sleep!

Sometimes all that’s required is a break and a comfortable, peaceful sleep will make it all better!

The most important thing for a comfortable sleep is the bed, the mattress! If you aren’t sleeping on something that relaxes you than that sleep just makes you more tired! A soft – feel good mattress will help you sleep sound and better! You are working really hard and you definitely need this to relax and kick start the next day with a bang. So what are you waiting for? Go, Start looking for some comfy mattress now.

Comforters – The Name Says it All!

What keeps you warm and cozy during the cold winter nights? Where do you love to snuggle up during those rain nights? What do you love to hold during those silent summer nights? – Comforters makes all the season look beautiful, isn’t it?

Be it any season, the comforter is your best partner to hug and sleep! It makes you feel cozy and comfortable. Buy a comforter that matches your need or your bedroom theme or your style or something you just love.

In terms of design keep it the way you like and in terms of quality do not compromise. Ensure to find the perfect comforter for you!

Are you planning to make your home cozy this year? Looking for products or want to check out the Collection? Thinking to recreate and buy but looking for something budget friendly or looking for something ravishing and royal? We have it all for you! Check out some awesome collection on StoryAtHome!

We believe in creating the best for our customers. We promise once purchased, you will come back here to look for more!


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