5 Perfect Desk Ideas For Cramped Spaces

5 Perfect Desk Ideas For Cramped Spaces

Why A Desk Is Important For You

Most people handle WFH (Work From Home) by sitting with their laptop computers across their legs while they sit on the couch or bed. This is fine as long as you’re not seated for long hours. You need to change positions every half an hour to get more comfortable. Besides, the laptop can overheat and burn the skin on your legs.

Sitting on the couch or bed also does not really feel like you’re working, does it? So you make the transition to your dining table. But this means you get in the way of other family members who wish to sit there to eat or talk to each other. The solution lies in getting a desk for yourself. You can install the desk anywhere you wish, and have your laptop or desktop computer, broadband router and phone installed with it with charging points close by.

But what do you do when you want a desk but there are no suitable spots for it in the house? The best you can come up with is a cramped space in the living room or bedroom. You’re in luck, because this blog tells you how to fit a desk into a cramped or small space:

#1 Fold It.

A foldable table is the best option for cramped spaces. Open it fully when needed, fold it out of sight when done! The only drawback to it is that you cannot have a permanent desk arrangement, but that’s the whole point when you have less space to work with in the first place. On the plus side, you can buy a really cool foldable laptop table from our collection. We have a wide range of laptop tables that are portable and can be purchased online for quick delivery. You can buy portable tables that you can use sitting on the floor, or foldable laptop tables that you need a chair for, in both wood and metal.

#2 Set It Behind The Sofa.

This is a clever hack that anybody can employ, and it doesn’t even cost anything to implement. If you already have a desk and if your living room layout has a large sofa not aligned with the wall, then you can simply ‘hide’ the desk behind the sofa. This uses up the dead space behind the sofa, and your desk is out of sight. However, take care to place both sofa and table such that they do not obstruct the household movement in any way.

#3 Let Your Display Cabinet Have A Hideaway Shelf.

Many of us have display cabinets in the living room. With a little modification, you can turn a part of it into a desk for yourself. Get a carpenter to create a thin, foldable desktop. This can be fitted at the side of the cabinet if it is at least 2 feet wide. Or take out a couple of bottom drawers and a desktop at 2 ½ feet above the ground to serve as a table.

#4 Use A Drawer Desk.

Do you have a standalone cabinet at home that has drawers? Have you considered using the cabinet top as your desktop? When done with your work for the day, you can store away your laptop, books, stationery and bag in the drawers. Besides, this ‘desk’ can be installed anywhere in the house, as per your convenience.

#5 Use The Corners.

Every house has at least two dead corners. While each corner in the house cannot be used effectively, you can use the unused ones to plant a working desk in. If the corner is too cramped, install a triangular desk to make optimum use of the space.

Whether you’re looking for laptop tables online or a chair to go with your desk, Story@Home has all the answers for you. We are a leading home furnishings and furniture brand in India with different options to offer, from curtains to tables, and from bedsheets to ottomans. Whatever the story you wish to tell with your interiors, we have the perfect solution to offer.


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