5 Quick Fixes For A Lacklustre Bedroom

5 Quick Fixes For A Lacklustre Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private kingdom. You retire to your room to detach from stress and fall asleep in your comfortable bed. But lately, your bedroom scarcely looks like the haven of peace and beauty that it used to when the house was new. The room looks drab and uninviting, and you wish there was something you could make it appear more chic and cosy without spending too much money.

Here’s the good news: you can! Just follow our lead:

#1 Change the curtains.

This is not such an obvious solution for the novice, but interior decorators swear by the simple hack of changing the drapes to give a space an instant face lift. If your bedroom looks less than cosy, or if you just want a really quick fix that doesn’t break the bank, just browse online for window curtains. We have a wide range of bathroom curtains, door curtains, window curtains and bedroom curtains, so if you’re getting new ones for the bedroom you might as well get new ones for the entire house. Your new bedroom curtains can be a contrasting shade at odds with the wall colour for instant uplift. Or you can get a shade that matches the furniture if you want some visual uniformity.

#2 Let there be light!

You’ve got new bedroom curtains, but were you planning to draw them all day? One reason why your bedroom looks dreary is the absence of natural light in there. Throw open the windows, close the drapes and see how natural sunlight changes your bedroom in a second. Of course, this is subject to your window having great views and abundant sunshine to stream in. If you can, you should enlarge the window size and install an ornate wood or metal frame around it to give it a picture window effect. Complement it with some pretty window curtains and you’re done. Now train your sights on artificial light sources. Big bedrooms can have various zones of light, such as a pendant light over the bed with a row of tiny spotlights over the dressing table area, and a lamp in the corner where you have a sofa chair. Or you can experiment with mood lighting and use dimmer lamps in two or three spots.

#3 Get floor rugs.

Very few furnishing elements lend an air of poise and sophistication to a space like floor rugs do. An increasing number of Indian homes have started featuring this element to excellent effect. We have a wide range of rugs and carpets to choose from for your bedroom. We recommend matching the rug’s base colour with the room’s colour scheme for a better, unifying effect.

#4 Declutter and organise.

Clutter makes the biggest spaces look small and dumpy. It is also distracting and dispiriting – Indian Vaastu and Chinese interior design principles view clutter as the enemy of focus, positivity and emotional wellbeing. Take stock of your bedroom and remove all the clutter – be swift and brutal about this, making piles of things you can donate and others you should throw. What you can and do use can be stored away in your wardrobe or overhead storage. Once you’ve cleared out all the clutter, see how much more of the floor and other surfaces are freed up. The room instantly cheers up and looks bigger!

#5 Get wall art.

Who can refuse to install a set of quirky picture canvasses on the wall? They define your design ethos and personality, and become a good visual centre point for an otherwise drab wall. Apart from bedroom linen and furnishings, we’ve got an enviable range of wall art to choose from, featuring various themes and vivid colouring. It’s all you need to make your bedroom go from ‘Meh’ to ‘Wow!’

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