Top Reasons Why do you need a Mattress Protector

Top Reasons Why do you need a Mattress Protector

Mattress protector is a mattress cover that shields & protects your mattress from spills, stains, dust mites & allergies. Mattress protector forms a protective barrier covering the mattress from the top surface & sides enhancing the lifespan of mattress maintaining the quality. Mattress Protectors are made from thin layers of fabric with a mix of cotton, polyester or polyurethane that look like a fitted sheet. Let’s discover the benefits of mattress protector in this blog.


1) Protects from Spills and Stains – A mattress protector acts as shield to protect mattress from accidental liquid spills by providing waterproof protections & preventing liquids from seeping into the mattress. It is easier to clean spills and stains as the mattress protector can be removed and washed.

2) Prevents Allergies & Health Issues – Mattress protector reduces exposure to allergens, dust mites or bed bugs protecting the mattress from bugs and preventing them from settling into mattress. Mattress protectors made from hypoallergenic material create a healthier sleeping environment.

3) Maintains Mattress Quality & Prolongs Lifespan – Mattress protectors or Mattress covers make the mattress more durable protecting them from damage from liquid spills. It is easier to maintain the quality of your mattress and comfort since mattress protector makes it easier to clean the mattress from dust and moisture.

4) Cost effective & Easy to Clean – Mattress protectors are easy to clean and can save your cost to buy a new mattress. Mattress cannot be washed but most of the mattress protectors are machine washable and saves the extra effort and cost of vacuum cleaning of mattress.

5) Hygienic & Breathable – Mattress protectors enhance breathability as mattress protectors made from Cotton Terry fabrics allows air flow and minimize overheating. Mattress protectors add an extra layer of comfort improving sleep quality.

A mattress protector act as protective layer for your mattress and keeps the mattress in good condition for long span of time. Mattress protectors from Story@Home are made of Cotton Terry fabric and a membrane of polyurethane making it waterproof, hypoallergenic and breathable. The elasticized corner of the mattress protector ensures a snug and secure fit of your mattress. With an overall elastic grip, it is easy to stretch and fit the base under the mattress. Mattress protectors from Story@Home are baby safe product, preventing liquids from seeping into the mattress and also providing a clean smooth surface to safeguard the baby skin. Our mattress protector prevents moisture released from sleep perspiration from passing into the mattress maintaining hygiene and quality of the mattress. Story@Home mattress protectors are useful addressing specific needs like incontinence in elderly people and pets ruining the mattress. In conclusion, mattress protectors from Story@Home offer multiple benefits that are more than basic mattress protection.

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