5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosier This Season

5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosier This Season

5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosier This Season
Remodelling the bedroom is always a wonderful but challenging exercise. You have to use all the ingenuity at your disposal to create the space you’ve conceptualised in your mind. But it’s not tough to do when you go with a theme and follow a set of design principles incorporating it.
If you’re aiming for a cosy bedroom that makes it difficult to leave the room, we’ve got some pointers to get you started:

#1 Get A Plush Bedroom Carpet.
You probably have a carpet for the living room – why not have one in the bedroom? Most Indian homes do not feature carpets or rugs in bedrooms, but it is an elegant touch with many uses. For one thing, the carpet protects your floor. For another, it creates a plush, noise-cancellation surface to walk on. You can choose a beautiful, easy to maintain bedroom carpet from our collection. Do check dimensions before you buy.

#2 Accentuate With Wood.
Wooden surfaces with a matte polish lend an old world, sophisticated touch to the bedroom. You can have accents of hardwood at various points of the room – think wooden side tables, a matching coffee table in the corner of the bedroom, a wooden dressing table, and so on. Please take care to match the colour and polish of each wooden piece of furniture you buy to avoid a visual clash.

#3 Make The Bed An Inviting One.
Buying the right bed linen and a new bed frame are key to making the bedroom a superb, cosy space to be in. Invest in new cotton bed sheets and matching pillowcases (look for a high thread count) and new dohars or comforters for the bed. Now that the bed linen is sorted, look for a four-poster bed that adds drama and scale to the bedroom. If you don’t want crossbeams or net curtains on the bed, you can choose a simple four poster with columns and an ornate headrest. It emphasises the sleeping area while also adding visual depth to the room.

#4 Let There Be Light!
Soft lighting accentuates the bedroom in a beautiful cocoon. Most bedrooms get the lighting element completely wrong – they may have a harsh ceiling light shining down on the bed, or little light in other areas of the room. The trick lies in designing different ‘zones’ in the room using different light fixtures and intensities. For instance, have soft lighting in the form of bedside lamps next to the bed, add a stunning lamp next to the sofa chair, install a dressing mirror with light bulbs on the frame. Use each zone individually and see how differently the room lights up every time. And of course, don’t forget to use natural light to its best advantage – use sheer curtains to diffuse strong sunlight, or blackout curtains to cut the glare.

#5 Use Sensual Textures And Soft Colours.
It doesn’t do to colour the walls in a warm colours or graphic prints when you’re aiming for a cosy ambience. We recommend creating a soothing setting with rich textures. Think comfortable knits in pastel shades, layering on the walls, fluffy throw pillows, and a soft room carpet around the bed area.

Other tips to try are making the room a no-gadget zone (this means there should not be plug points for electronics anywhere), adding small indoor plants to a couple of corners, hanging a landscape painting on the wall, and making a sitting area for one with a curtained corner holding a sofa chair. It’s time to create a breathtaking bedroom – with a little help from Story@Home.
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