Accessorising your Home Decor with Antique Wall Clocks -

Accessorising your Home Decor with Antique Wall Clocks

Right from school rooms to bedrooms, clocks have always been an essential part of our home decor. Wall clocks may sound boring and old-fashioned, but it adds a brilliance when matched well with your interiors.

All you need is to get your hands on the best antique wall clocks online to make your house look aesthetically pleasing.

Wall clocks remain to be an inexpensive way to enhance the decor of any room. They are the most simple yet decorative piece that adds more meaning and character to your home. Some people love accessorising their houses with vintage wall clocks. If you're one of them, then this article is just for you! Time for your history lessons.

History of Clocks

Before the intervention of clocks, ancient cultures in Egypt, Greece and Babylon used sundials to check the time. In the early 1500s, a German locksmith and clockmaker, Peter Henlein prepared small portable clocks that gained popularity across Europe. Later in 1600, clock designs started to become an art form with the onset of extravagant clock designs.

The elite people loved their clocks embedded with precious metals and stones. By the end of 1600, people welcomed the pendulum that helped to measure time accurately.

Today, the scenario has changed as households opt for elegant pieces of antique wall clocks contrasting with their home decor theme. Now, we have a full range of wall clocks with unique frames, designs and colours that will draw your eyes.

People love decorating their living rooms with oversized and bold wall clocks adjourned with accent lighting set on a console table. You are free to select your antique wall clock with hues matching your throw pillows, wall paint or chairs.

Wall clocks have made a comeback into fashion wherein more people are using modern clocks to spice your home space.

Are you still thinking about why you need to decorate your home with modern clocks? Here you go!
  1. A classic wall clock compliments your home decor

Adding timeless wall clocks can bring style and function to a variety of spaces. They are functional and fashionable, giving your walls an old-school intrigue. Antique or vintage wall clocks are a perfect choice for adding some interest in the traditional, farmhouse, and country design styles.

A solo wall clock in the kitchen or living room can liven up your space. Get your hands on a variety of designs, colours and sizes of wall clocks to create a striking touch to your bedroom or living room.

The simple mantra is that vintage wall clocks enhance your style quotient and express your personality. Buy your desired antique wall clocks online today!

  1. It acts as an attractive centrepiece for any room

Hanging an antique wall clock in your dining room or hallway lifts your home ambience, making it look functional and resourceful. Keep your elegant looking wall clock at a focal point to accentuate your room. Choose a timepiece that acts as an attractive centrepiece and make your boring wall stand out.

  1. The first impression is the last

Decorating your living room with an antique timepiece is a must. Select a subtle looking decorative wall clock that goes well with your home decor. With this, you are  going to receive impressive comments from your guests.

A well-decorated living room adds charm and will make a long-lasting impression for everyone who enters your home sweet home.

How about placing a dark coloured wall clock on a pristine white or light coloured wall?

  1. Gives your walls a quick makeover

A vintage wall clock can breathe new life into your dull, boring and lifeless walls. It’s that simple! Give your walls a brighter or contrasting shade and hang around analogue clock right in the centre. Tadaa! Your antique clock will revamp your walls the moment you hang it.

  1. It uplifts your mood

If you have a fantasy of collecting wall clocks, then you will find every kind of antique wall clock online. Choose from a wide range of wall clocks, including wooden, antique, metallic frames, attached photo frames, personalised clocks or even a graffiti on the clock dial. Story@Home offers a wide range of antique wall clocks to nurture your hobby and passion for wall clocks.

  1. Wall clocks that match your home decor theme

Antique wall clocks go well with all themes. If you want a wall clock that suits your child’s room or your nature influenced living room, then go for classic or modern clocks whichever suits well. We have one for every mood.

The next time when you go to buy modern timepieces, we hope you consider these six reasons. You may feel like wall clocks are cliche and old-fashioned, but nothing can replace a simple yet elegant wall clock. It's the ultimate choice for everyone! It not only adds simplicity and functionality but makes your living room look lavish.

Tick Tock!! Do you need help to decorate your wall clock?
We have a list of 6 inspiring wall clock decoration ideas for a stunning look.  

6 Wall Clock Decoration Ideas to Inspire your Space

Wall clocks are the perfect piece of functional accent wall decor. Go for anything from vintage to sophisticated timepieces; we are sure an antique wall clock will glam-up your room.

  1. Enhance your dining room walls

Wall clocks don't have a designated place; it can be used as a centrepiece in your dining room walls too. A decorative wall clock – especially a rustic one will give a different meaning to dinnertime. Oversized wall clocks or cuckoo clocks can be a great choice.

  1. Decorate with a timeless oversized wall clocks

Oversized wall clocks are in the rage these days. For good reasons, they are eye-catchy and look stunning on walls. Thanks to their huge magnitude, you can save on new home decor.

It’s an excellent choice for residential, farmhouse or industrial spaces. Other modern wall clocks include abstract clocks that will make you believe that all ornamentations are perfect.

If not this, then how about stacking various antique wall clocks at one place? Avail  antique wall clocks online!

  1. Hang in clocks showing different time zones

Cover your living room wall with multiple clocks, hung together representing different time zones. It’s an excellent idea to decorate a larger surface area. This urban setup is useful for business people and families having international connections. Buy wall clocks considering your home decor and stay connected with your near ones living in different time zones.

  1. Choose a simple, unadorned wall clock face

An unadorned wall clock face looks classic as it gives you a glamorous look. Yes! Choose a sleek clock design that represents your style and hang it at the centre of your bedroom. These types of wall clocks may lack details and ornamentation but never fail to add a different character to your lifeless walls.

  1. Bring the best out of your wall clock

If you love maritime and weather station clocks, then pair it up with coastal decorations to make your house look aesthetically pleasing (even if your home is not near to any coastal area). Club your wall clock with related paintings or pictures for nautical home design.

Many of you might have a cuckoo clock at home, try to fuse it with charming artisan pieces or any such decor to enhance the beauty of your wall clock.

  1. How about a wall full of clocks?

You can create a clock wall by hanging different sizes, styles, designs and types of clocks in one place. For a stunning and unique wall display, you should have the right style of a wall clock. Try this only if you have rustic or farmhouse style rooms.

We end it here! Hanging a wall clock is pretty much like hanging a picture or painting. Choose a perfect timepiece that reflects your personality and enhances your room in some ways. Let’s bring this article to an end with a short message.

“A wall clock is not merely used to see the time; it adds some beauty to the walls“.

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We offer a wide range of stunning, innovative, comfortable and affordable home furnishing and decor products, including antique wall clocks online. We believe every home has a story, and we live up to create beautiful stories for your homes. Take a look at our high-quality products.

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