Bathroom Remodel Done? 5 Tips To Decorate The Space
Most people remodelling their homes tend to focus a large part of their energies on larger spaces like the living room and bedrooms. Quite often, the bathroom figures last on the remodelling agenda – this is unfortunate, because it is a significant room in the house that affords the maximum privacy to all occupants.
The bathroom is also the space that is inhabited for the least amount of time per day. But that is not to say that it must be paid scant attention to in terms of remodelling. To this end, you change the tiling, fix new fittings and get a swank new shower area. After the basic utilities are in place, it is time to put in the
finishing touches with a few select accessories. We list some important ones:
#1 A mantle.
A mantle or shelf is an important addition to the bathroom. Place a long shelf under the bathroom mirror to hold everyday items like perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, toothbrush holder, and so on. But we suggest keeping few things on the mantle and not using it as a storage element but as a standalone design element. A tall glass vase with a solitary carnation in it, two neatly folded napkins and a few expensive perfume bottles are all there should really be on it.
#2 Stylish Hand Towel Rack.
The wash basin will need a hand towel next to it. Fix a stylish towel rack to the wall instead of a hook – the rack looks classier and holds about two towels. Some hand towel racks feature two or three rungs for extra towels when guests arrive. We recommend buying quick dry towels that dry rapidly even in muggy weather. Start by browsing through our collection of quick dry towels for a wide range of choices and fast delivery.
#3 Bath Towel Closet.
Where there’s a bathroom, there will be baths. And where there are baths, there should be bath towels. Most Indian bathrooms have towel hooks behind the door, which means you have to walk with wet feet to the door to retrieve your towel. Instead, fix a bath towel closet above head height opposite the shower area, and fix a series of hooks on its base to hang wet towels from. Install a shower curtain such that the cabinet and hanging towels do not get wet.
#4 Storage Boxes Under The Sink.
The bathroom will have some items that should ideally not be kept out in the open, such as the cleaning bucket, soap and supplies, etc. Install a cabinet under the washbasin, or invest in a couple of sturdy plastic boxes with secure lids. These boxes can hold all the supplies without making the space under the wash basin look ugly or unkempt.
#5 Mirror With Lights.
Most women prefer to do their makeup in the bedroom with a large mirror above the dressing table. But a similar mirror with lights on its frame makes for a stunning centrepiece in the bathroom too. If not to do your makeup, you will love to use it for your morning skin cleansing routine, or for the male members of the family to shave or trim their beards. The space in front of the mirror can also serve as a small dressing space where you can slip into your robe right after your shower.
You can add other flourishes, like a new wallpaper, indoor plants in colourful pots, a quirky toilet paper holder, even a little cabinet to hold medicines and extra toiletries. We hope your bathroom turns out to be the perfect little slice of design ingenuity – with help from Story@Home.