A child’s room is a multipurpose space. Bedroom, play-room, study, art-studio, just all in one. How to tactfully manage all of that in one place might appear to be a task. Let’s ease the puzzle.
You want a bed which will not need repeated replacement as your child grows over the years. I am not saying a king-size, no. Just an average sized bed would be a long term investment.

Growing up, children change their preferences quite often. Choose a color palette for the room which will be appealing to both - an enthusiastic toddler and an evolving youngster.

Have decorative shelves to display your child’s projects and achievements. They need constant encouragement. This will serve as the child’s very own gallery.


Children love to camp. A small canopy in a corner of their room will keep them amused. You can even DIY a tent with them at home.

If not on walls, you might want to allow them to indulge with colors in other ways. Bed spreads, blankets, curtains and chairs can pop with bright colors. Prints and graphical elements will fill their world.

Children play and enjoy games on the floor. Spread a warm carpet or area rug for their comfortable entertainment.

They will grow to study on desks, so you will need to create an environment conducive for study. Study table and chair, bullet-in board, storage for books and study material. Blackboard will inspire them to doodle, practice sums, write messages.

An area of the room will be dedicated to toys and games. Doll houses, board games, toys and so forth.

You want to have labelled drawers and storage for you kids to keep things tidy. It will make things easier for them and inculcate organisation.

There will certainly be a book shelf and a table lamp.


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