Are you looking for a duvet or comforter for your bedroom? Are you confused about which will be the right fit for you? Most of us think of both as the same thing. However, they are not the same thing, and both are different types of beddings. Here are some basic things about comforters and duvets that will help you understand which would work the best for you. 

Comforter Vs Duvet: which one is right for you? 

Comforter sets and Duvet blankets have the same function- to keep you warm while you sleep. They are primarily used for the same thing, so how are they any different from the other? Essentially- the difference is in their sizes, their make and composition. Here are a few basic differences between the two- 

  • A duvet is typically filled with natural fibres like down, wool or feather and sometimes synthetic fibres; however, only a comforter is generally filled with synthetic fibres. A comforters filling is lined into sections and sewn along with the lining – it works as a ready to use a quilted blanket
  • A duvet requires two separate pieces – the duvet (which is used as an insert) and the duvet cover, while a comforter is a single piece of bedding. A comforter can be used on its own without a cover, some people may use it with a cover, but it essentially doesn't need to have a cover. 
  • The size of a duvet normally should fit the size of your mattress, and they are fluffier than comforters. But comforters can be thinner, but they generally hang from the sides of the bed, covering your mattress. In terms of size, comforter sizes for the same bed are larger than a duvet. 
  • A duvet can have multiple sets of covers with different covers, while a comforter that is used on its own will have a single look. 
Now let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of using duvets and comforters – 
  • A duvet can be a versatile piece of bedding, and you can change the colour and style to match your bedsheets with the cover, but a comforter will come in just a single look. 
  • A comforter can be dry cleaned, but the duvet (insert) is difficult to clean. 
  • A comforter has the filling very evenly distributed with the filling sewn in with the lining, while a duvet can have a filling that can clump up with prolonged use. 
  • A comforter can be used straight as you buy it, while a duvet will always need assembling and inserting into the cover as many times you change the cover. 
  • A comforter will give your bed a layered look since it is supposed to hang around the edges of your bed- while a duvet is made to fit exactly the size of your mattress. It is an individual style preference. 
If you are looking for a comforter online, Story@Home has a wide range of duvets and comforter sets that can transform your bedroom look. If you want a minimal and neat bed, then a duvet will fit your aesthetics; however, if you want a layered look and something that entirely covers your bed, then a comforter is your best fit. 
Both comforters and duvets come in many colours and designs to suit your style – from solid neutrals or florals to colour blocks and fun prints in different colours- there is something to suit everyone. Finding the right fit is a matter of individual preference – whether you want a duvet or want a comforter – just make sure to look at all the options first!