Decorate Your Home To Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

Decorate Your Home To Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi



Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner, promising to usher in goodness, health, and prosperity for everyone. How about giving your home a neat makeover as a testament to this special occasion? The idea sounds good, doesn’t it? You do not have to always go out of the way to jazz up your home for Ganesh Chaturthi. On that note, here’s looking at some of the top choices that you have at your disposal.

Curtains: Of course, it goes without saying that the right curtains can completely transform the look of any home, right from the bedrooms to living areas. You will find numerous attractive curtains for home that help you create a new look for Ganesh Chaturthi. You will find attractively crafted designer curtains that flaunt various shades like magenta, brown and more. They come with uniquely tailored motifs and designs for a special touch and have a retro feel in some cases.

Bed Linen: Changing your bed linen can do a world of good to any room in the house! Opt for warm, inviting and comfortable bed sheets and other accessories including comfy pillows, vibrant cushion covers and even ottomans for the living room or bedroom if you feel fit! The sky is the limit when it comes to decking up your home with the best bedroom accessories.

Mats: You can check out the best door mats, placemats and other bath mats online. Find gorgeous mats that are comfortable to use and instantly change the look of your living areas along with the entrances to your home, bathroom, rooms and almost everywhere else. This Ganesh Chaturthi, you can spruce up the look of your home with suitable mats.

Wall decor: A little bit of wall decor always helps in a quick transformation of any living space. You can take your pick from numerous options in this regard, ranging from artwork to photo frames and endearing wall hangings that take centre stage in the living room and even the other rooms. You can expect to find tons of options at your fingertips.

Going Green: Greenery is the new mantra, both from an aesthetic and soothing point of view! Deck up your home in style this Ganesh Chaturthi, choosing fabulously designed planters, pots and refreshing green plants. Welcome Bappa into a peaceful and vibrant ambiance with nice plants that can adorn your home, balcony, living room, Pooja room, bedroom and anywhere else!

Chowki or Home Temple: What better way to get Bappa for home than to invest in an attractive home temple or Chowki? You will find several designs, materials, and colors in this category. Select something that matches the décor theme and interiors of your Pooja area.

Lighting Fixtures: Lighting is a crucial part of decoration for this special festival. You can make use of Diya’s and candles to beautifully illuminate various spaces at homes while also putting up colorful string lights in turn.

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Story@Home is wishing everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

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