Diwali Special: Ways to Make your Home Look Spacious and Stylish

Diwali Special: Ways to Make your Home Look Spacious and Stylish

It’s the festive time – time to celebrate, enjoy, be happy and spend time with the loved ones. India is a country full of festivals and Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of the year. Everyone looks forward to meeting their family, friends, and relatives; looks forward to making different kind of dishes and to decorate the home.

We want our home to look colorful, beautiful and welcoming. We often tend to buy new things, unique arts, beautiful sculpture to make home look more beautiful. Here’s a guide to make your home look stylish and spacious.

  1. Keep Your Furniture Limited

We often tend to buy chairs, sofas to make home look luxurious but this festive re-think on the furniture part. Do you actually need this much of furniture or furniture that takes a lot of space? Choose chairs or seats wisely, make a choice as per your requirement and something that takes less space. Getting the small round seats or quirky chairs would add a good touch to your living room and will also create space in the living room.


  1. Use Rugs to give the royal feel

Add Rugs, don’t use the small ones and try buying printed rugs; that will give a larger than life feel to your floor. Rugs would create a comforting feel to your living room and will make it look more styling without taking any extra space.


  1. Let the Walls breathe

We often decide to decorate the walls with flowers, frames, paintings but this festive season try to keep it very minimal, let your walls breathe. Have those walls some space and don’t fill every wall with something, try to decorate with paper art, flowers, birds but don’t do it in a way that hits the eyes; keep it simple and appealing.


  1. Rangoli can make it all better

Rangoli is loved by people, it gives such a warm feeling to your heart; this festive season try to play around rangoli designs or use flowers to create the rangoli; choose the perfect corner of the entrance and make it colorful and big. This will make your entrance look beautiful and vast.


  1. Play around with the lamps and lights

Lamps and Lights add magic to the Diwali vibe. This Diwali try to go a little more creative and magical with the lights. Place it around the entrance; let the living room and gallery shine with those lights.


This Diwali, try to keep it similar and royal!



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