Hallway is the first thing that a person steps into upon entering a house. It is safe to say you hallway is the first impression that you home creates. How would you want that to be? The aesthetic sense will be established by your selection of course, but allow me to offer a check list.
  • Paint or wallpaper the walls a neutral tone. However, choose one surface to pose a feature wall. Now give this feature wall an edge over the others with a bright and eye-catchy wall paper or color.
  • If there isn’t a feature wall in a straight hallway, create an attractive section with some wall art. Make a nice composition of multiple artworks concentrated in this division, or you can put up a singular large-sized painting/photo frame.
  • The floor needs a runner to make an impressive entrance. Make sure it does not contradict your choice of feature design, as mentioned above. We are aiming for complementary and pleasing. Also, select a durable runner which would not wear off easy at this high traffic junction.
  • Hallways are usually void of enough lighting. Having said this, don’t flood the hallway with heavy lighting either. Keep it warm and soothing. If there is a source of inlet for natural light, a mirror placed at a position to reflect the sunlight will create just the desired ambience.
  • A console table is generally a key element at entrances. Again, a reminder to align your design elements aesthetically. Top this off with a flower vase for a welcoming first impression.
  • A bench or seating should be preferred if space permits it. It is one of those fundamental things about hallways. It will unmistakably be a positive addition.
  • A shoe cabinet, if your hallway is where you place it, should not be too loud. It will help keep the hallway organised. It serves a functional purpose and treat it so.
  • Key holder is essential for organisation just as much. You might be needing a coat hanger too.

However you choose to do this, avoid clutter. That will not help your first impression any. Remember, less is more!

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