Flat Sheets v/s Fitted Sheets: What's the Difference?

Flat Sheets v/s Fitted Sheets: What's the Difference?

You spend a quantitative amount snuggled up on your beds, so it is only natural that you spend that time with utmost comfort. A common question people ask is whether it is better to use a flat sheet or stick to a fitted sheet. Ideally, both can work for you, depending on person to person but first, it is important to understand the difference between both types of bed sheets. We have covered the basics of both these types so you can make an informed decision before you buy your bedsheets online.

What is a Flat Sheet?

A flat sheet is just that – flat! They are rectangular in shape and simple sheets that lay flat on top of your mattresses. These types of bed sheets are typically larger in size than the mattress, and the ends can be neatly tucked under the mattress on all four sides. It is a standard fitting essential to most homes as many people own these. Compared to a fitted sheet, they tend to create more manual work as the ends tend to physically be tucked in. 

Key Characteristics of Flat Sheets

A few key characteristics of flatbed sheets are as mentioned below; 

  • They are easier to wash, hence offer hygienic solutions
  • They give a crisp, tidy look and, when well tucked, can stay in place
  • They offer cleanliness for your duvet and cushions to be placed on
  • They are soft and give you added comfort when sleeping
  • They are bigger in size than your mattress, so you can tuck them in properly and neatly
  • They come in various sizes, available at story@home
  • They come in several colours, prints and fabric options

 What is a Fitted Sheet?

Also, as the name suggests, a fitted sheet is designed in a manner that will fit your mattress exactly. Unlike a flat plain bed sheet, a fitted sheet comes with elastic on all four sides, which can be put over the mattress like a sleeve. It is very convenient to place on your mattress; they eliminate manual labour taken to physically tuck the sheet in as the elastic covers the mattress on all sides, giving a neat and tidy look. 

Key Characteristics of Fitted Sheets

The following mentioned key features of fitted sheets will give you a clearer idea of their advantages and disadvantages;

  • Time-saving when putting on or off the mattress
  • Easy to clean as most of them can be hand washed and/or machine washed
  • They come in set sizes that can fit your mattresses, such as single, king-sized, double, queen-sized, twin and so on
  • They help extend the life of your mattress by adding a protective cover to them
  • They are soft to touch and will give you a good night’s sleep with utmost comfort
  • They are reasonably priced, so whether you are checking for a single or a double bed sheet price on story@home, you will definitely find a price that suits your budget

Flat Bed Sheets v/s Fitted Bed Sheets: Tips to Pick the Right one

Now that you have a basic low down on both the types of bed sheets, which is best suited for you quite frankly depends on you. A few tips on how you can decipher which you will like better are mentioned here.

  1. Try them out

The best way is to get one of each and use them for a significant period of time. Once you realise which one you prefer in terms of comfort, convenience and durability, you will answer your own question.

  1. Seasonal

During the summers, go for bedsheets that are made from cotton and other light materials, so no additional sweat and particles permeate your bed. Flat sheets will give you many options, but you will have to tuck them in on all sides, so follow the trial and error method to make a decision. 

  1. Colours

Since the bed covers most of the space in your bedroom, ensure that you buy the colours and/or prints that are in harmony with the rest of the theme followed. This will ensure that you have a comfortable sleeping arrangement and add to the visual aesthetic of the room. An ill-fitted fitted sheet will disrupt the look of your room, but a flat fitted sheet will always be neatly tucked in.

Shop Fitted and Flat Sheets at Story@Home

Fitted sheets, flat sheets, or both? Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to difference between the two, you can be a better judge of what’s right for you. Opt for a full set of highest quality bedsheets from Story@Home and keep yourself calm and comfortable.

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