Gifting Ideas: The Last-Minute Gifting Guide within your Budget

Gifting Ideas: The Last-Minute Gifting Guide within your Budget

“The True Value of the Gift is the sentiment behind the Gifting.”

Gifting is special! A gift expresses a lot of things, and a lot more emotions. It’s these special things that make a person feel special, happy, and at times emotional and a lot of times excited.

Gifts are given at special occasions, festivals and at times just to make someone feel special.

More than the price, it’s the feelings and emotions behind giving matters.

Here’s your quick gifting guide for the last-minute, ideas that would fit in your budget and make it memorable for the person. Check out the list of the gifts now!

Wall Art & Wall Painting
what could be better than Art, Creativity and Motivation? If he/she is into art or colors, gifting them Wall Arts and Wall Paintings could be the best thing. The Wall Arts and Wall Paintings will add the touch of art/creativity in their home.

Planters & Pots

Gift them something that would make them happy, healthy and create a nice vibe. Gift them plants, planters or nice pots that would add greenery to their home. A plant that could last for long, add the touch of greenery and reminds the person about you for long.

Laptop Table

The current scenario has brought the concept of ‘Work from Home’. The Work for Home could be really tiring and here’s a thing that you can gift and help your close one. You might not be able to help them with work but you can surely gift them comfort. Gift them a Laptop Table, table perfect for work, for breakfast and also for study.


Gifting showpieces, arts, frames are normal, gift them something unexpected, comforting and exciting. ‘Ottoman’ could be a perfect gift for your closed one. An Ottoman with the storage box could be the best. Your special one can work and lay their feet on it, sit on the Ottoman and relax; and can also store things in the storage box. The Ottoman could be one amazing gift.


Bed Covers

Everyone loves sleeping so why not gift something that would help the person have the best sleep? Buying designer, beautiful bedsheets, pillows, pillow covers or layers like Blankets, Dohars, and Comforters could be so amazing and cozy. Every time when the person goes to sleep, he/she will definitely remember about one definitely can’t sleep peacefully without Bed Covers.

Photo Frames

Photo Frames is an EVERGREEN gift. You can choose a simple, classic one, a wooden frame, something artistic, customized, and quirky or something out of the box. Getting it customized could be one of the best options!

Frame it with some cool pictures, inspirational quotes, filmy dialogues, quirky words, super heroes or anything that the person would love.

These are some forever kind of gift. Gifts that will remind them about you all the time that would make them happy and will create a beautiful memory.

Still unsure what to gift? Check out our collections now and see if you get something perfect for your special one.

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