Beautifully vibrant and fragrant flowers have adorned table tops and corners of our homes for centuries. This trend has lived a classic life. While the sweet scent and varied colors of flowers do satiate our senses, why use a bouquet of plucked and perishable blossoms? Rather, let’s bring the garden into our homes.
People have started bringing planters indoors as a part of home décor. It is a great way to make your home feel fresh and lively. Allow your senses to indulge with the greens. Moreover, this trend allows many variations in decor over the traditional vases.



For an empty spot next to the bed or couch, or in a room corner, a large or oversized pot holding a proportionate plant would be best suitable. Just one plant can fill up your space with enough animation. This trick works well with any vacant spot in the house which needs to be occupied. You can play with the shape, design, and colors of the pots in this case. Plants like the dwarf banana, snake plant or the likes would go well in such positions.


  shelved-indoor-garden shelved-display-planters

If the unoccupied space you are looking to fill is wider, consider placing a display shelf or bench. Select a variety of planters to fill it with. This could act as a mini indoor garden. You can get creative with the style of shelf, pots, and plants that you choose to place. If your shelf is tall or fixed onto the wall, you can use vines and climbers.


Terrariums are adorable little glass containers that house tiny greens. They are great for small spaces like corner table, shelf tops, and sills. Terraria are inexpensive and low maintenance. You can easily find them at a nearby store, make an e-purchase, or DIY these delightful little plant holders.

  ceiling-planter hanging-planter

Hanging your plants to the ceiling is an interesting approach. Maybe you lack surface to fill, or the ceiling needs an attraction. Maybe you want a mix of both. Whatever the reason, a hanging planter never disappoints any décor style.



The trend of vertical gardens has found renewed fame both indoors and outdoors. These are plants grown on a vertically suspended panel using a support system. The green wall concept has been widely accepted lately on account of the ingenious use of unconventional surfaces for plantation. It saves area and is a creative décor trend for interiors.

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