Guide to Choose a Perfect Bedsheets to Have the BEST SLEEP!

Guide to Choose a Perfect Bedsheets to Have the BEST SLEEP!

Your bedroom is your own little universe, away from the world. A place where you go at the end of the day, detach yourself from all the worried and get lost in peaceful sleep. The bedroom is your closest and the most personal place, you come to it every night and just relax. The bedroom hides your every emotion, all ups and downs; it has memories, your clothes, and every single thing related to happy.

You might be happy with the bedroom but are you happy with your bed linen? You might want to give your bed linen a new touch and bring in a little more style and comfort to your bedding experience. It’s not revamping but about picking new bedsheets, sheet that uplifts your mood and comforts you.


Here’s a guide to picking the right bedsheet for your bedroom.


  1. Focus on the Thread Count

While buying the bedsheet people often doesn’t focus on the thread count. Thread Count is one of the most important factors while buying the bedsheet. Higher the thread count, softer the material and better quality.  Bedsheets which are low on thread count doesn’t last long and the softness is really low.

  1. Choose the Colors

The right color can enlighten and uplift your mood instantly. Choose the colors you love and the one that goes with bedroom décor. The bright colors often helps your relax, and set a peaceful mood where as some people like dark colors, colors which makes statement, makes your feel confident and peaceful.

  1. Decide on the Look

Before choosing the bedsheet, decide on the look you want your bed to have. You might want to go ahead with the contrasting look or simplicity or something luxurious. Focus on the kind of designs you would like, you might want to go ahead with floral patterns, something closer to nature, and something cute or artistic. C

  1. The Material Matters

This is the most important factor. Pure cotton bedsheets are perfect to have a peaceful bedsheet, but there are other materials like satin, jute-cotton, weave, micro-fiber, etc. You can try with different material and see what suits you best.

  1. Make a Note of the Budget

Money Matters! Before making a purchase decide on how much you would like to spend on the Bedsheet. Check for prices on different sites, and make a final purchase.

  1. Look at the Return & Refund Policy

Before making a purchase, check return and refund policy of the brand. You would definitely want to know the return policy in case of defective product or would want to exchange it in case of size or color or any other issues.

  1. Be sure about the size

At times in excitement, we miss out on the sizes and we all know a wrong size can mess up everything. Check your bed or mattress size and decide if you want to buy a single size bedsheet online or double bedsheet or king size bedsheet online.


Additional Tips to Improvise your Sleep

  • Listen to Soothing Music
  • Switch On the dim lights or let the light from the darkness enter the room
  • Set the room temperature as per your requirement
  • Choose the some soft Bed Covers and Layers
  • Get the Best Pillows

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