Guide to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready With Story@Home!

Guide to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready With Story@Home!

Monsoon is here! Rain brings a lot of memories, joy, a different feel and a good vibe. The light rain showers surely add the required smile to your day. Rain is a healer, a mood lightener and an escape to the different world. While Monsoon makes everything feel good, there are few things which will make you worried and feel tired at the same time.

Here’s a guide on how to make your home monsoon ready and enjoy the weather without any worries

Before starting ahead, think through and decide how exactly you want your home to be, not only in terms of the look but also in terms of the feels like do you want a cozy space or a little light, the reflection of the weather or something closer to the nature or the idea is to keep it simple and clean. Make a decision and plan accordingly to make your Home Monsoon Ready. Below are a few tips that will help you with all the kinds of looks.


  1. Keep it Clean and Dry

Often the floor or the balcony gets wet due to heavy rains or people might walk-in after getting wet in the rain. Focus on keeping the place dry and clean because safety matters the most.
To ensure this, buy bath mats and door mats, place it at all the required places. This will help you a lot in keeping the place dry. Buy designer, quirky or cute soft mats and you will be good to go.

You can also think about buying designer or simple elegant carpets to compliment your home décor and ensure cleanliness and dryness over the place during monsoon.

  1. Take it closer to Nature

Monsoon makes Nature look more beautiful. It’s the best time to add some greenery to your home and take yourself a little closer to nature. Get some home-friendly plants, nurture it well and those will give your home the perfect Monsoon touch and add a happy vibe to your life.


  1. Cover it with Curtains

Curtains is a must have for the season. You can get the Blackout Curtains that will help you darken the room, and create a cozy space or go ahead with sheer net curtains or designer curtains that can help you enjoy the nature. You can get the see-through curtains, sheer net curtains, the regular curtains, go with your choice and choose how you want your home to be.


  1. Play with the Lights

The atmosphere often gets dark during Monsoon, the lightening, the thunderstorms makes it completely different. Have some bright lights, colorful lights and it will add more to the weather. Also get some scent candles and emergency lights as the weather definitely brings the electricity issues. Have these and you are ready to enjoy the weather as well as for the emergencies.

  1. Ventilations and Electricity Cases Check

The closed door, a window often creates suffocation for some and makes the home smell in a particular way. Ensure to have proper ventilation before the monsoon starts and check all the electricity cases, wiring prior to the season.


Additional Tips:

  • Never polish your furniture before the season as the smell doesn’t go
  • Keep your cleanliness equipment ready
  • Get Mosquito Net, Sprays and cover your balconies in a way where things doesn’t become unpleasing
  • If you have plants in your home, try to keep the insects away
  • Keep your raincoats, umbrella and boots ready

Monsoon is all about enjoying. Make your Home Monsoon Friendly with Story@Home. Keep yourself ready, focus on the above things and enjoy the weather.






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