Hosting Dinner? Read This First

Hosting Dinner? Read This First

Having friends and family members over to the house for parties or dinner soirees is always great fun. It’s a time to catch up with your loved ones and exchange news and gossip over your favourite food and drinks. It’s been a while since you hosted a dinner party, and you want to host one that will go down in legend!

So it’s time to plan and get your house organised. Have the home cleaned thoroughly and get fresh drapes, lay out clean carpets and rugs, and get rid of any clutter around the house. Now turn your energies to planning the menu and livening up the party – use these tips for inspiration:

#1 Get The Dining Space Organised.

The piece de resistance for a well-organised dinner party is the dining table. While this might seem quite obvious, what is not obvious is that your existing dining space might need some sprucing up. Examine the upholstery on the chairs, the tablecloth you normally use, even the table legs, with a critical eye. If the table is wobbly, or just too old, why not buy a new one with matching chairs? Put a fresh, dainty tablecloth on it, add a vase of fresh flowers – voila, you have a fresh new dining space. Do browse through our collection of chairs when you’re looking to buy.

#2 Buy New Table Mats.

Nothing spells elegance more than a nice set of table mats. It’s a bit tacky to serve meals without dining table mats at the best of times, but it is a cardinal offence to do so when you’re throwing a dinner party. We’ve got the widest range of table mats online for you to consider buying. Look for sets of 4 or 6, or if you’re hosting a larger party, buy the same sets in twos. Make sure the table mats are clean and free of dried food crumbs and stains. The manufacturer has a set of washing instructions in case the dining table mats need cleaning, so follow them closely.


#3 Add A Screen For A More Intimate Setting.

If you don’t have a dedicated dining room, then you can create a dining space by visually separating it from the living room or kitchen area by using a screen. You can buy beautiful wooden screens online – they have latticed or floral cut out patterns that offer some visibility from within the space. Jute ones mounted on wood or steel frames are also good options. Screening off the dining area gives the dinner a more intimate setting.


#4 Have A Trolley With Extra Plates And Cutlery.

As a host, you are expected to have everything perfectly laid out and ready to use when dining, from dinner plates, serving bowls to different types of cutlery. But tending to a large group of people can get a little tricky, unless you have a team of catering assistants to serve food and take the plates and serving dishes away. If you’re doing it alone, then we suggest investing in a trolley with drawers. The trolley can hold extra plates, cutlery, serving bowls, place mats, etc. Just move it around to your seat and have it hand to use whenever any extras are required.

#5 Little Touches Show You Care.

A good dinner party becomes a success when guests feel that their tastes and needs are taken care of. For example, if you remember to cook a certain dessert because one of the guests loves it, they will appreciate the gesture wholeheartedly. Or if you have a booster chair on hand for a guest who has brought a toddler or have a pram and blanket for the child so that they can sleep while the parents dine, it shows you as a thoughtful host. Make a note of health food preferences – some might be forbidden from eating sugar and salt, others might be vegan, etc. – before deciding on the food menu. Have a mix of savoury and sweet dishes and at least two options in each course.


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