How To Beautify Your Sleeping Space: 5 Steps

How To Beautify Your Sleeping Space: 5 Steps

Designing a bedroom is a project fraught with exciting possibilities and several challenges. It is simple enough to do when you work with a clear vision, but it is equally easy to bungle up and go overboard. If you’re aiming for stylish sleeping quarters with inviting textures and décor, this is the article for you.


Read on to know how to make the most of your sleeping area with 5 easy hacks on beautifying the space:


#1 Invest in luxurious bed linen.

The most beautiful bedrooms always have the best bed linen. The bed is the centrepiece of the room, and it must be suitably adorned if you are aiming for an elegant and aesthetically pleasing touch. This cannot be achieved if your bed linen is faded and rumpled. Step 1 in your bedroom beautifying project is to invest in luxurious bed linen like double bed sheets, a plush comforter and fluffy pillows. The cotton double bedsheet should have a sensuous feel with a slight crispy smoothness that reminds you of beds in luxury hotels. Check out our range of double bed sheets online for the most luxurious materials, right sizes and reasonable prices.


#2 Upgrade your colour scheme.

An elegant bedroom is one with a subtle colour scheme. The whole point of colour is to make the gaze sweep around the room and make the space appear larger, instead of arresting the attention in an unflattering way. Colours with a muted palette are ideal for brightening up a room and making it appear larger than it is. Go with off white, eggshell white, bone green, lemon yellow or baby blue for your walls. Meanwhile, add pops of colour by adding wall art, or a colourful floor rug in the centre of the room, or a series of flowering plants on the window sill. Balance is key when it comes to choosing a colour scheme.


#3 Less is so much more.

You would think that adding furniture, art, plants, screens and other items would make your bedroom look sophisticated. It just might, but chances are high that the room will look stuffed and tacky. A cardinal rule of interior design is to allow a space to organically ebb and flow, and this is achieved via minimalism. Leave enough of the floor free to be able to walk about freely – for example, at least three feet of distance from all sides of the bed – and install only that furniture that you absolutely need. Your bedroom will be cosier and prettier if it only has a bed, a wardrobe, a dressing table, a nightstand, and a chair. Any other item of furniture is simply clutter that you don’t need.


#4 Create ‘unseen’ storage.

Another way to beautify your sleeping quarters is to keep it spartan – but you require a lot of storage options to achieve this look. Do this by having drawers in the bedside cabinet, two deep drawers behind the headrest, a dresser with drawers, a storage bench at the foot of the bed and hidden storage under the bed. Keep the storage areas as hidden as possible, but make sure they are roomy and fully functional.


#5 Light up the space well.

We often add one or two light sources in the bedroom – often arbitrarily – and think that the job is done. But try ‘layering’ light to create different zones and be amazed at how beautiful your room instantly looks because of this hack. You can have ambient lighting in the entire room, with tiny lamps for night reading, and uplighters/accent lights to softly illuminate the walls. If you like to read or work in a sofa chair, have a pedestal lamp with an adjustable head.


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