How To Decorate Your New Bathroom: 5 Ideas

How To Decorate Your New Bathroom: 5 Ideas

The bathroom is really important in the overall scheme of home design, but how much time do most homeowners take over designing a beautiful bathroom? It often doesn’t get the kind of attention and thought it deserves. Most people’s bathrooms seem like they were put together at the last minute, and they are! However, the bathroom is a space where the little touches and flourishes matter. Once the major fittings and fixtures are done, it is time to decorate the space and personalise it to reflect your design aesthetic.


After you’ve decided on the colour scheme and installed all the important furniture and fittings, it’s time to take stock of the decorative elements you need. This article provides some pointers.


#1 Make sure everything you need is close by.

The first rule of bathroom design is to craft the space such that everything is within arm’s reach. A poorly designed bathroom will have you wasting time looking for your toothbrush, medicines, shaver, etc. on the counter near the sink. When there is not enough storage and too many items out in the open, it’s going to create a big mess that will put you off. Here’s a list of things to buy first off: a toothbrush and paste holder, storage boxes for linen and fresh napkins and bath towels, a cabinet to store razor, dental floss, mouthwash and other items of daily use. Organise the space before you start to beautify it.


* Have a towel rack.

Bath towels cannot be hung just anywhere – they must be away from the shower area and securely stored when not in use so that they dry up easily. If you don’t want to have a separate storage area for your towels and napkins, invest in a sturdy towel rack and fix it slightly above your head level. Fold the towels and arrange them neatly one over the other, preferably in a way that shows their different colours and prints to the best advantage. If you need to buy new towels online, do browse our range of cotton towels in different prints. You will find that our towel prices are competitive and the products are complete value for money.


* Install a deodoriser.

You can try and try to keep the bathroom floor dry and the air inside from getting musty. But it’s a wet area and it’s going to get mouldy at some point. Pre-empt any future mould or fungal infestations, as also damp smells, with a fumigator. Next, install an electric deodorizer (this is fixed to the wall and operated on a battery) that shoots out jets of air freshener every few minutes as programmed. The best deodorisers remove foul smells and also eliminate disease-causing viruses and skin-unfriendly bacteria.

* Install shelves and hooks behind the door.

You don’t need a bulky storage unit for your bathrobe and towel, or a separate space to hang your clothes – just use the space behind the door. Hang ornate hooks at the back of the door and put your towel and bathroom on there before your shower. Or if you want storage space, you can install shelves at the back of the door. Fold extra towels and face flannel into rolls and place them neatly on the shelves. Do provide the shelves with some ‘banking’ or edges or else their contents will just roll off and fall to the floor every time you shut the door.


* Finish with a non-slip bath mat, shower curtain and makeup mirror.

A non-slip bathmat is an absolute must, especially when you step out of the shower. Another must is a shower curtain. A really pretty shower curtain can highlight the shower area like nothing else can. Meanwhile, fit a bath mat with a rubber suction bottom next to the shower area to provide an anti-slip surface while you towel yourself dry. Lastly, add a makeup mirror on the basin counter where you can cleanse your face, apply makeup and get ready at leisure.


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