How To Pack For A Beach Holiday

How To Pack For A Beach Holiday

Taking a holiday is always an amazing experience, especially after the year we’ve had with COVID lockdowns and uncertainty all around. You may have planned a beach getaway to get away from the stress of the grim news all around you, and who can blame you? Just pack your bags, hop into your car, and drive off to your holiday leaving all your cares behind.

But what goes into your bag? How much clothing should you carry? Do you need extra footwear? What size suitcase is suitable in case you decide to extend your holiday? While we don’t have all the answers for you, we can certainly help you with the packing aspect of it. This article gives pointers on what should go into your bag, what some essentials are, and what you must buy before you set out.
Here’s how you pack for your beach getaway this season:

#1 Order new cotton towels.
What’s a beach holiday without lots of swimming in the ocean and having the time of your life? But it also means that you must bathe a lot more to get the sand out of your hair and skin. You will need a set of new cotton towels, both face and bath towels, for your holiday. You might get towels with room service, but it is always better to carry your own when you head out. Check out Story@Home’s excellent range of towels online in different colours and designs. We’ve got superb hand towels too. Our cotton towels absorb rapidly and dry up fast, and they’re the best ones to carry for your beach holiday.

#2 Pack light and less.
Other than a change of swimsuit, two pairs of shorts and two cotton tees, you really shouldn’t be packing anything more as far as clothing is concerned. A beach holiday is about travelling light and in such a way that you can be done repacking at a moment’s notice. You might want to go to another beach town close by and you don’t want to be saddled with a heavy bag. Make sure there is enough room in your bag to pack your bath and face towels, too.

#3 Carry sunscreen lotion, moisturiser, and other skin creams.
The beach will have strong sunlight that can tan your skin. You must apply copious amounts of sunscreen lotion before you hit the ocean and after you’ve showered yourself dry post-swimming. The salty water can also sap your skin of its moisture, so be sure to apply a lot of moisturising cream twice a day as well. Also include a tube of antiseptic cream or gel for accidental cuts and scrapes.

#4 Carry bug repellent.
Beaches attract a lot of bugs and insects, and they come out in droves during the evening and night hours. You might have a gorgeous campfire going, but what is the use of it if you’re constantly swatting mosquitoes and winged insects out of your face and other parts of the body? Bug repellent spray or cream will keep the creepy crawlies away and let you enjoy outdoor dinners, moonlit swims and picnics, or just a late-night cup of cocoa in the outdoors with your friends.

#5 Pack flip flops and foot care essentials.
Your footwear is one of the most important items on your holiday. You cannot walk or run comfortably in sneakers or your usual boots. You must wear a pair of sturdy flip flops with a high and thick sole. Flip flops are ideal for a beach holiday since they don’t retain sand and water and can be washed easily. They also dry up super quick and don’t get bent out of shape. We recommend having a separate plastic case for your flip flops to keep any remnants of sand out of your bag when you pack them.

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