Your bedroom is your sanctuary against the outside world. You come to it every night hoping to detach from the world and get restful sleep. It is a place that has your bed and clothes, and it offers a quiet retreat from the rest of the house as well.
But are you happy with the state of your bed linen? You would like to overhaul it for fresher, softer materials that look great and last long. It’s not about buying luxury satin sheets, but about picking new bed sheets that appeal to your senses. New bed linen serves to uplift the appearance of your room in a profound manner.
Here’s a simple guide to picking the right double bed sheet for your bedroom:
#1 Pick The Right Material.
Bed sheets are available in materials like cotton, silk, satin, jute-cotton weave, microfiber, etc. You must select the material that feels soft to your skin, which is easy to clean and maintain, and which will not cause skin and respiratory problems. Usually, cotton double bedsheets are devoid of most issues that other materials can cause, such as allergies. They are also easier to maintain and have a higher ‘breathability’ factor than other materials.
#2 Look For A High Thread Count.
The thread count comprises the numbers of vertical and horizontal threads present per square inch. The higher the count, the softer the sheet with a higher tensile strength. The bed sheet does not wear out or pill easily with a higher thread count. We recommend buying cotton double bed sheets with thread counts from 300 to 500. These offer a soft, superior finish and a long shelf life. Some brands may even offer thread counts up to 800. You might also ask the manufacturer about the weave type when ordering a bed sheet set. The weave can be percale (crisp and durable with a lower thread count), sateen (mix of satin and cotton with a luxurious feel) and combed cotton (short fibres are combed out to retain softer long fibres).
#3 Choose The Colours And Patterns In Keeping With Your Aesthetic.
Next, browse an online home furnishings store to find the double bed sheet in a good colour and pattern. It is not necessary to match the sheet colour to the room’s colour scheme. Rather, a contrast in colour and pattern creates a wonderful visual balance. Look for cotton double bedsheets with matching pillow covers and comforters if you like to match your bed linen.
#4 Consider The Price Points.
You can set a price filter when you browse for cotton bed sheet sets online. The site shows products within the specified price range only, so you can make a quicker choice. The double bed sheet price must seem reasonable in terms of fabric quality, design and size. Once you find the right product matching your price expectations, you can add it to your shopping cart.
#5 Check Return And Refund Policy.
There could be a situation where the bed sheet you receive does not match up to the description online. In this case, you may need to return it or exchange it for another set. Check our returns and refund policy before you buy the bed sheet set. Most brands offer a 15- to 30-day exchange or return window, while refunds may be processed within 7 days of receiving the request. You can now pay for your purchase(s) and have the bed sheets shipped to your home.
Envelop your mattress in our range of soft, colourful bed sheets to experience luxury, comfort and a good night’s sleep every night – with help from Story@Home.