How To Spruce Up Your Bedroom In 3 Easy Steps

How To Spruce Up Your Bedroom In 3 Easy Steps

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and refuge against the world. Think about it – what are you most likely to do when you’ve had a bad day or bad news? Crawl under the covers to sleep off your stress, right? You also make a beeline for your bed when you wish to rest for a short while, or watch a TV show or movie as you recline, or just spend time with your child or pet to detach from the world.

But your bedroom must live up to its billing of being a safe place away from the cares of the world. Does your bedroom hold a special place in your heart, is it the first space you think of when you are tired and need to rest? If you answered ‘No’ to either or both questions, it just means that you need to do something about livening up your bedroom space. Don’t worry, we’re not about to recommend extensive repairs and remodelling. A few deft touches here and there, a rehaul of your bed linen, creating more storage area, throwing away what you don’t need…and voila! You have a new bedroom on your hands.

But first…tidy up!

Most bedrooms appear cluttered and untidy – because they often are! We have so much extra stuff lying around on the floor, the bed and even the sofa chairs, that the room looks dishevelled instead of elegant despite your best efforts to make it look great. Before you begin sprucing up your room, tidy up. Put all the clutter away in its rightful place, and donate any extra clothing, bags and shoes you don’t need. You might need to buy new storage boxes or create overhead storage cabinets – please do so in the interests of keeping your bedroom clean.

Now that the room is relatively tidier, let’s get on with beautifying it with 3 simple steps:

#1 Get new bed linen.

Bed linen comprises bedsheet sets, fluffy pillows and a blanket or comforter. If your double bed sheets are wrinkled and old with pilled fabric, they will automatically reduce your sleeping area to an untidy mess. If you haven’t bought new bedding in a while, now’s the time to do it. Invest in new bedsheets online from a leading brand like ours. Story@Home has a range of excellent cotton bedsheets to suit every pocket and preference. Buy new bedsheet sets and see what an instant facelift your sleeping area gets.

#2 Change the lighting.

Light plays an important role in ‘shaping’ your living space and also influencing your mood. A gloomy room with less natural light is uninspiring. Contrast it with a brightly lit room that appears both clean and cheerful at the same time – which one would you rather have? Let as much sunlight into your bedroom as possible – broaden the window if necessary, and get sheer curtains to soften the glare during the noon hours. In terms of artificial lighting, you can create different ‘zones’ with a large pendant light above the bed or bedside lamps on either side of the bed. Place a wall mounted light behind a sofa chair in the corner to diffuse and scatter the light source. Place a string of fairy lights on a blank wall and keep all other lights switched off for an interesting effect.

#3 Add floor rugs.

Another way to make a bedroom really inviting and look posh at the same time, is to place floor rugs in different areas. Have a large floor rug at the foot of the bed, or two small ones on either sides. Have a colourful circular rug in the centre of the room to draw attention to the space. However, be careful about cleaning and washing the rugs often if you have toddlers or pets in the house – these are the first things they chew on!

Craft your bedroom story with Story@Home

Whether it is about buying bedsheets online or getting new drapes, we have a wide range of bedroom furnishings and accessories to choose from. We help you craft the perfect design story for your home – browse our collection and buy today!

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