The mass media is full of information about how lack of sleep can impair cognitive function and slow down your physical responses to stimuli. You’ve seen it happen to yourself – a night of poor sleep ruins the next day completely. You lose focus during work, feel irritable and nervous, need countless cups of coffee to stay awake. Your only hope is that you can have an early night of peaceful sleep – and when you don’t get it, you start the entire cycle all over again.
It’s not necessarily a health issue, or anxiety, or even insomnia. Maybe you need to get a new mattress? That may sound surprising, but a lot of back pain complaints can be traced back to an uncomfortable or poorly made mattress.
A Bad Mattress Is Bad For Your Back
You would think that going to bed at a reasonable time and getting about seven hours of uninterrupted sleep would refresh you – but most often, it doesn’t. You have several episodes of waking up, sometimes for no reason at all. Then you can’t find a comfortable spot on your mattress. When you do fall asleep and wake up hours later, you have a painful back and a heavy head. So much for sleeping all night!
Have you considered that your double bed mattress might be the culprit here? Sleeplessness is not always about stress or bad dreams. A too-soft or too-hard mattress that changes your spinal alignment may disturb your slumber often. And it doesn’t end there – soon, you develop a painful back. What starts as a niggling pain moments after waking up, soon develops into chronic aches that plague you all day and alter your lifestyle.
  • The spine has a natura curvature that the mattress must allow.
  • A poorly made soft mattress dips excessively under your weight and curves the spine.
  • Meanwhile, a hard mattress does not allow the back and shoulder muscles to relax, which causes soreness and tightness in the back.
  • The ideal mattress must be at least 4 or 5 inches thick, with a robust core that supports your body weight without dipping. The mattress top must also not be flat as a board but mould to the contours of the body. We suggest browsing our mattress range to find the best single or double mattress for your bed, and that of your children.
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Reclaim Your Sleep – And Good Health!
Studies show that good sleep is directly linked to better brain and body function. When you sleep well, all your organs are revitalised and primed to work better. Thus, your longevity increases, and quality of life is enhanced.
If you are unsure about which kind of cotton mattress to choose for your bed, you can ask your doctor for some inputs. It is possible that your back pain is the result of an underlying medical condition or injury. In this case, you could get an orthopaedic or memory foam mattress as per your doctor’s instructions. But if you do not have any medical issues, then a well-constructed foam mattress should suffice.
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