Rid Your Home Of Boring Bed Linen This August 15

Rid Your Home Of Boring Bed Linen This August 15

Independence Day is a golden day in the history of our country. August 15 ushers in a spirit of fresh new ideas and patriotic fervour.

We must admit that year 2020 was one of the blackest years in the world’s history, with the dreaded Coronavirus sweeping everything in its wake. The terrible second wave of the virus in 2021 also claimed many lives and plunged the nation’s mood into further gloom. But it is time to bid goodbye to the feeling of doom pervading us all – if you’re taking steps to be safe and doing everything to keep the virus at bay, then Independence Day 2021 can be a special one for you and your loved ones this year.

What does Independence Day mean to you? Does it signify a change for the better, an opening up of your mind to new ideas and concepts? Why not start with redoing your home in small ways just in time for Independence Day? If you’re on board, then this blog is just for you.

Refresh your bedroom this August 15

Let the country’s 74th Independence Day prompt you to make fresh new changes in your life – starting with your home. With a spirit of ‘Out with the old, in with the new’, you should set about clearing clutter, donating old bedding, and clothing, having the house deep cleaned and painted, and investing in new home furnishing and furniture items too.

  • And if you’re hitting the Reset button on your home, the first place to start is the bedroom. The bedroom is the most sacred space in the house, since it offers you rest and relaxation after the day’s labours. Accordingly, it must have comfortable and eye-catching bed linen and beautiful furnishings to match.

  • Start by rehauling your bed linen and buy new bedsheets with matching pillow covers. If possible, get a comforter that matches the overall colour scheme of your bedroom. Cotton bedsheets and comforters are best, since they are suited to Indian climatic conditions and do not overheat. Besides, they are easy to wash and maintain. If you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions closely, your bed linen can last you a minimum of five years, if not more.

  • Your bed linen can feature a variety of colours and patterns. We have floral, plain, geometric, and other designs to choose from in our bedding collection, so do take a good look at them all. Floral motifs can be a good hat tip to the upcoming spring season, while plain colours look great in minimalist bedrooms.

  • Next, move on to new cushions for the sofa chair in your room, as also the living room. These provide good back support and add to the design ethos of your furniture. New curtains in fresh colours that contrast with the room’s colour scheme, or match with it perfectly, are the next thing to pick.

  • Lastly, add touches like a new laptop table for your den, a glamorous new carpet for the living room, new hand towels and bath towels for the bathroom, and a pretty organiser to hold your keys and letters. Your kitchen can be arranged better with a new spice rack, a metal holder for ladles and spatulas, and wall hooks for napkins and other items.

  • You can buy whatever you need from our website, from the convenience and safety of your home. We have an easy purchase and returns policy, and the items are shipped to your home in mint condition in the least amount of time. You also get great deals during festive times!

We have an extensive range of home furnishing items to pick from, so do place your orders right in time for August 15 this year. Go ahead, fill your shopping cart with items to adorn and refresh your home for a classy makeover this year.

Celebrate independence with Story@Home

Come August 15, your home can be free of dull and boring linen, furnishing and furniture items with our help. We have the largest collection of furnishings like rugs and curtains, bedding like bedsheets and comforters, and furniture like folding chairs and laptop tables. Story@Home helps you craft your unique design story for your home, matching your sensibilities and desired price points.

Team Story@Home wishes you a very Happy Independence Day!!!

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