How essential is it to pay focus to your home décor?

You come home after a long day from work, after a fabulous day out with friends, or back to pavilion after a vacay. You need to feel the lifting spirits of your living space, to sense the settling calm of your humble abode. You need balance in your home.

Your décor is a synchronized collection of artistic pieces from all around and maybe you need to balance out the diversities. Or it is a monotonous assembly of matched interiors and you need to jazz it up a little. A quick and easy fix – A RUG! You probably are unaware of the superpowers a rug possesses. Let me throw some light upon this obscure, but impactful subject of home décor.

Sure, painting your walls a different shade is a good change from the everyday look of your room. An equally good and inexpensive way to go would be introducing a rug. Addition of a rug can prove to be a good feature to attract attention.

You can harmonize your surroundings just by placing an area rug. If you think your décor is ornate or it has too many colors, a subtle rug will even out the drama. If there are too many neutrals in your zone, a rug will act as an accent. Here, you might want to opt for a printed or patterned rug. Story@Home has a wide variety to offer.

Some restrict the idea of rugs to seating spaces alone. Better rid yourself of this false notion because a rug is good for a bedroom, a dining room, a porch or patio just as much. In some unconventional cases you may find people dressing their kitchen or bathroom floors with rugs too. Of course there are special rugs and mats for such uncommon capacities.

Kitchen runner/Dining room rug/ Outdoor rug

What you can also do with a rug is hang it onto a wall. Instead of spending a fortune on art you can decorate your wall with a tasteful rug. There are many stores that have large rugs that look beautiful enough to hang on the wall, so you should have no trouble adding a bit of your own style to your home.

Furthermore, larger rooms can use two rugs for more definition. It will allow you to divide the room into two visual halves. You can bring variety into the room if you choose rugs of different sizes. However, try not to pick them from highly contrasting families, i.e. in terms of shapes and designs. Let them be complementary.

A rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, and help layer a room's décor. Now you know how.

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