Small Budget Home Makeover Ideas Under INR 3999

Small Budget Home Makeover Ideas Under INR 3999

Small Budget Home Makeover Ideas Under INR 3999


Redoing your home is sometimes immensely therapeutic and highly needed! After all, our homes are reflections of our personalities and interests. Changing things periodically and indulging our creative desires is the need of the hour for a fresher outlook and mental satisfaction alike! However, what do you think when you hear the word makeover? A ton of costs, right? Not at all!

If you are innovative enough with a keen eye for the right decor and furnishings, then you can get your home makeover exercise done and dusted within INR 3999 itself! Sounds impossible? Here’s the lowdown on doing it right! Start from Story@Home, one of India’s leading home decor and furnishings brands, owned by Elite Decor Private Limited. The brand offers possibly everything that you need to do up your home right now, while establishing a reputation for product quality, diversity, impeccable customer service and hassle-free delivery over the last 12 years.

Here’s where we can start from-

#1. Change Your Bed Sheets:

From king-size bed sheets to double bed sheets and tons of other options for bed sheets online, these will never pinch your pocket! You can find alluring options with brown, gold, red and other motifs along with modern design patterns courtesy of Story@Home. Pricing can hover between INR 800-1300, and this is a great way to start your home makeover quest.

#2. Bring In Comforters:

You can add a special touch to the process with attractive comforter sets. These come in various shades such as pink, soft yellow, soft green, and a lot more! You will find dual color options too. You can find options starting from around INR 1,499 onwards.

#3. Decking Up With Quilts:

Find regular and reversible cotton quilts priced anywhere between INR 999 and INR 1,599 and these sport charming design patterns that will make you go wow!

#4. Pillows, Cushions And More: You can find a wide range of cushions and pillows hovering between INR 499 and INR 1,399 on average. You can also opt for designer pillow covers to jazz up the look of your bedroom.

#5. Stylish Curtains Will Do The Trick: The best way to completely revamp the look of your home is to invest in buying curtains. There are tons of options available at Story@Home for your perusal. From premium and retro designs to nature-inspired themes, you will find it all here. The approximate price range is between INR 499 and INR 3,996. Yet, you will always find options tailored to your own budget.

You can also look for other handy accessories like attractively designed pots and planters for various corners and spaces at home. You may also consider comforting yet stylish bathmats that create an instant impression on guests and visitors. Going by the pricing metrics, it can be safely said that throwing in some smart curtains, pillows, towel sets, dohars/comforters, and bed sheets will help you completely transform your home and that too within INR 3999.

Truly marvelous, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping without further ado! Happy Shopping…..

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