Styling Your Bed – The Millennial and Traditional Way!

Styling Your Bed – The Millennial and Traditional Way!

Styling Your Bed – The Millennial and Traditional Way!

Time has changes, and with time the world, the people have changed! With this change, people’s look out towards interiors, comfort, luxury and lifestyle has changed to a great level.

The ‘old is gold’ has a great importance, the 90’s craziness adds the sparks to the changes; and while the generation is trying to catch up between these we have millennial in place! All these generation together can be hectic but awesome.

Today when a person looks after buying a house, decorating the house or furnishing the house, he/she looks after the needs and likings of all the generations! Every corner of the home matters, home is a place where the family lives and thus it’s really important to make it full of memory, beauty, magic and comfort. While all the corner of the room matters there’s a place where the heart stays and that’s bedroom! Family members spend majority of their time in bedroom, that room is a definitely a place for taking rest, having a great sleep but also a space for work, dreams and decisions.  Thus it’s very important to make your bedroom perfect but what’s the most important part of the bedroom? Undoubtedly, it’s ‘bedding’ – who doesn’t love to sleep or lie around or sneak into the blanket and watch a movie? Everyone loves it!

So here’s a guide that will help you keep your bedding style traditional but will even add the touch of being modern and millennial.


  1. The Pillow Game

Don’t take pillows lightly, they can make or break the whole bedding look and experience! There are different types of pillows: the cushions, round pillows, sleeping pillows and a few more. The type of pillows and the number of pillows matters equally. You can go with the traditional way with keeping two rectangle pillows and add make it modern and millennial by adding a round pillow and cushions. A compiled set spread in a little messy way would help you give your bed a new look and a comfortable sleeping experience. Now when you have decided upon the type be firm with the numbers, don’t overdo it; usually a set of 4 -6 pillows is fine. Be sure about the patterns and colors you choose for the pillow make sure it’s soft and comfortable and it matches the interior and other bedding products. You can match it with the existing colors or can be little quirky as well as can choose contrasting colors.


  1. Layering a Little

We agree that except winter we don’t need layers but having a blanket or a comforter can make a huge difference. It just doesn’t add up to the look but it makes the bed more cozy and comfortable. Choose the material of the layers as per the season and as per your room’s interior. Usually the contrasting colors or a printed one or a stripes one gives a perfect look to the room but if you want to try something out of the box go ahead, there’s nothing that layering couldn’t fix.


  1. Protecting It with Style

Do not forget to get the Mattress Protectors! We know we are going to cover the mattress with the sheets, layering, pillows, etc. but the mattress protectors are must! It helps to keep your mattress clean and adds a nice finishing touch to your mattress. Bed is a place where you might end up eating so it’s always good to ensure nothing sticks by the bed or on the bed forever.

  1. The Top Sheets

You know what’s the trump card for making the bed perfect? – A BEDSHEET! Bedsheet is the final finishing to your bed; it gives the first impression of your bed and the first feel to your bedding experience. A right sheet could do wonders while a not so right one would not let you sleep.  Bedsheets are available in wide range of colors, fabrics and designs! Decide on the material you are comfortable with than decide on the colors and designs part! Once you have done that remember spreading the sheet and tucking the sheet from all the corners creates a different impact so choose the size of the sheet as per your preference and remember your pillows should match the bedsheets.

  1. Reversible Duvets

The best part about the reversible duvet is it could be used both the ways! Two colors, you can play with your bedding styling anytime with these one.

  1. Make it Cozy and Comfortable

For this ensure you have everything related to bed setup in a nice way and add the touch of bright lights, nice interiors and beautiful environment.


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