Summer Specials: What You Need To Buy

Summer Specials: What You Need To Buy

The summer season brings a mixed bag of emotions for most of us – on the one hand, it is a season to enjoy luscious mangoes and cold drinks, and on the other, a time when sleeping or activity becomes next to impossible. The hot weather makes you feel dull and uninspired, and you yearn for the cool comfort of the monsoon and the chill of winter. But you must bravely soldier on as the mercury rises and rises, making yourself and your loved ones as comfortable as possible.

That can be easier said than done – here’s what you should buy right away to make this summer an easier one than the last:

#1 A dohar for your air-conditioned room.

Using an air-conditioner or air cooler is the obvious solution to sweltering hot summer days and nights. You might keep the AC off all day to save on power bills and to be more environmentally conscious. But you deserve a night of good sleep without your body being drenched in sweat – switch on the AC and let the room cool for about 10 minutes. Now pull out your cotton dohar or a quilted blanket and get under the covers to fall asleep in minutes. If you don’t have either, now is the time to buy a good dohar online. We have a wide range of double bed quilt covers, cotton dohars and quilt blankets to choose from.


#2 Indoor plants to purify the air.

The summer season can cause hot and muggy winds to pass through your home, heating up everything in their wake. Sitting at home can become an excruciating experience, especially if you live in a humid region. Here’s a good fix that cleans up the air and lowers humidity – invest in a set of indoor air-purifying plants that provide oxygen and impart some cooling in the vicinity. You can buy them online or get them from a good nursery nearby. Make sure you get plants that are safe to be near while you sleep, or simply place them away from your sleeping quarters.

#3 Sheer curtains to cut the glare.

Hot sunlight makes your home feel like a furnace. You cannot do without natural light streaming in through the windows, and you are loath to shut the windows because that only makes the room stuffier. The obvious solution is to invest in a set of sheer cotton curtains to cut the glare and keep the heat component in sunlight under control. The curtains allow light to come in but cut the glare appreciably.

#4 A box fan and a pan of ice.

If you’re not a fan of air-conditioning for health or ecological purposes, then it’s time to go old school. This is a simple trick involving a box fan and a block of ice. Just before you hit the sack, place a box fan pointed in your direction, and a block of ice in a pan right in front of it. Switch on the fan and go to bed – the breeze from the fan picks up cold wafts from the ice block as it melts, thus fanning you with cold air. If this doesn’t work for you, you can hang a wet sheet in front of your window and let the breeze flowing in get filtered and cooled before it hits your bed.

#5 Choose cotton everywhere.

Cotton is the best material to use in the summer. It is great for clothing, bed linen and home furnishings. We recommend ODing on cotton all over your room, in the form of bed sheets, curtains, floor rugs, bed runners, cotton dohar and so on. Cotton is a wonderful material to cool the room by letting heat escape periodically. It also keeps the skin comfortable without overheating, even on the hottest days and nights.

Have a great summer with Story@Home

At Story@Home, we believe in offering our clients a wide range of home furnishing and furniture solutions. You can have an incredibly cool and stylish summer with our delightful cotton bed linen, curtains, and rugs, not to mention pillows, mosquito nets, bath towels and planters, among others. If you want a magical home story to tell, we have got the right solutions to offer.

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