Sustainable & Eco Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Sustainable & Eco Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Eco friendly Home Decor refers to using environmentally sustainable materials and practices to decorate your living space. This approach aims to use resources that are environment friendly, minimize waste, lower energy consumption and reduced usage of harmful chemicals. One aspect of eco friendly home decor is using home furnishings that are made of sustainable materials. Story@Home encourages environmentally conscious lifestyle choices like Bed Linen, Curtains, Towels made from Cotton and furniture made from Engineered wood for sustainable home decor.

Choose Sustainable Cotton Products from Story@Home as they are natural, sustainable, bio degradable  and can be recycled or repurposed.

  1. Bedsheets – Cotton Bedsheets are known to have several benefits like Softness, breathability, soothing feel and are skin friendly. Cotton bedsheets are made from Natural Fiber and are renewable resource. Cotton Bedsheets from Story@Home are crafted for comfort and are available in versatile designs and patterns. Bedsheets made from Cotton fabric are easy to maintain and durable.
  2. Dohars – Cotton Dohars from Story@Home are Soft and Cozy, ideal to use in summers and can be used all year round for layering Single and Double Dohars are available on Story@Home with reversible sides that can be used to change the look of the room and are made from natural cotton with versatile uses. Reversible Cotton Dohars are sustainable to use and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom with stylish patterns and superb comfort.
  3. Curtains – Cotton Canvas Curtains from Story@Home are natural and eco friendly home decor. They are made from sustainable cotton canvas fabric that is durable and easy to maintain. Cotton Canvas Curtains are energy efficient and have insulation properties keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winters. Cotton Curtains from Story@Home are not only eco friendly but are also trendy, available in Bohemian designs. 
  4. Towels – Cotton Towels from Story@Home are soft, absorbent and breathable. Towels are available in various sizes like hand towel, face towel, bath towel in vibrant colors that dry quickly and are hygienic. Cotton Towels are skin friendly, durable and easy to maintain. Cotton fabric is biodegradable and environment friendly.  

Sustainable and Eco friendly home furnishings from Story@Home are not just eco friendly; they also enhance your lifestyle and comfort. You can support environment and prioritize your well being without compromising on style and comfort with premium cotton home furnishings from Story@Home.

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