The Secret to Perfect Pairing of Curtains and Blinds: 5 Dos and Don’ts to Consider

The Secret to Perfect Pairing of Curtains and Blinds: 5 Dos and Don’ts to Consider

How would this blind look with that curtain? Will this combination of drapes and blinds look good? Should I go with patterns and solids while choosing blinds and curtains?

There are probably tons of questions lingering in your mind when it comes to pairing blinds and designer curtains online. 

REMEMBER THIS: A perfect layering of curtains and blinds creates a feeling of depth. When you mix and match a vibrant design with a solid colour, it's like adding an element to your living space. 

The right combination of curtains and blinds can alter and uplift the overall look of your home space. It makes your room look spacious, cosy and aesthetic. 

Curtains and blinds when paired smartly can bring out flexible décor, maximize natural light and privacy control. It improves the room’s warmth and ambiences, bringing sophisticated home decor. 

Everyone would agree with us on this, right? 

In this blog, we will provide you with some considerations, both practical and decorative, to bring out the perfect amalgamation between your curtains and blinds. 

Do you wish to make that perfect match? 

Join us as we share some style guidelines to help you get the perfect look for your interiors. 


6 Dos and Don’ts to remember to strike the perfect balance between curtains and blinds


Dos: Start by choosing your blinds first.

It’s important to decide on the type of blind you desire for your living room. To get a raw and chic look, buy common styles like roller blinds and Venetian blinds.

They club well when matched with a solid block of colour. Make sure you consider the colour and fabric selections and how it can work with your home decor.

It’s preferable to choose blinds made up of aluminium and wood since they provide warmth and bring a natural tone. The colour of your blind is a primary source to decide the colour of your drapery.

Make sure you choose a colour that compliments and contrasts the blinds without ignoring the fabrics of the same.

Opt for a muted shade of colour for blinds to fill your room with accent colours. Match your cool colours like blue and white with orange curtains to infuse vibrant colours into your room decor. Light cremes or white drapes will blend with a variety of blind styles.

Pro tip: You can also opt for designer curtains online. 

Don’ts: Never go for printed curtains and blinds 

Printed curtains and blinds look too overpowering, particularly when your home is less spacious. It can contrast with other printed designs present in your home decor. 

If you still love prints, then choose a single-coloured blind and pair it with patterned curtains to enhance the colour of your blind. We would recommend you to purchase a solid colour curtain to complement the look or fabricate layers of texture by adding patterned drapes that contrasts it. 

Dos: Go for high and wide windows. 

We all have a similar perception related to the size of the window. It’s time you ditch your standard window size and go for large windows.


You can even transform your small-sized windows into a large one by pairing your drapes and blinds well. It can make your ceiling look much taller than it is.

Invest in roman shades that are a few inches below the ceiling to make your windows look large. Cover the curtain rod at the same level as the blinds by extending it 30-60 cm beyond the window. Think big! 

Don’ts: Picking the same draperies for the entire house is a big N-O! 

This may sound too expensive but refrain from picking a single print of drapery for all rooms. It will look super monotonous and make your home look disjointed.

For your child’s room, select something playful and comfortable. Choose lively colours that give it a sophisticated and unique touch. Just like this, try to play with each space and don’t hesitate to experiment with varied patterns and shades.

Dos: Compliment your hardware with your window accessories.

You need to be sure that the colour of your blind should match with the curtain rod. These things can make or break your home decor. We would advise you to go for matte finish curtain rods instead of the shiny ones. It’s just because matte ones can go with all combinations of curtains and blinds. 

Don’ts: Avoid picking the same colour tone. 

This may sound too repetitive, but pairing the best combinations of curtains and blinds can give you a different theme for every room. Similar window blinds in the entire house can look boring and ruin the purpose of installing window dressings.

Several homemakers take no notice of window treatments, while very few of them believe in their power of bringing out flexible decor.

Dressing your windows can make your room look brighter and dynamic. The perfect combination of curtains and blinds can enhance your view and make your home look cosier. Choosing designer curtains online can lift up the entire look of your home.

The article doesn’t end here. We have scouted a few recommendations to improve the way your window looks.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Try pairing opaque patterned curtains with roller blinds in a solid colour to enhance the major colour component of your curtain pattern. Both make strong fashion statements.
  • Avoid pairing sheer curtains of any colour over dark wooden Venetian blinds. Dark blinds will dull the tones of your sheer curtains.
  • Combine textured drapery fabric with sheer roller bands as they will transform your window when paired with stylish drapes. 


What style of curtains and blinds will suit my home?

Many of you might be having this question in your mind. It’s obvious to get confused when styling your home this upcoming festive season. We offer a few things that will help you with your curtain and blind designs. 

#1. Choose the right colour, texture and pattern 

You need to choose the right design scheme to strike the perfect balance between all the three. These are known to be the defining features of your curtains and blinds.

Make sure you don’t go wrong with it and bring home something that soothes your eyes. 

#2. Look at your walls 

Your wall colours should match with your curtain fabric. Choose a similar shade or opt for a few shades darker or lighter to suit other elements of the room. This may sound like a monochromatic approach but will surely give you an elegant look.

If you feel like changing your wall colour, then try changing your window treatments too. 

#3. Select neutral palette or solid prints for a better look 

The safest way is to choose a neutral palette or solid prints to draw attention to your windows. This combination is widely preferred as it creates a perfect sense of harmony and appeal to diverse tastes. 

#4. Learn to contrast your walls 

If you love bright patterns or colours, then no one can stop you from bringing happiness to your comfort zone.

Indeed, this approach will make your window furnishings the centrepiece of your home. Try experimenting with fabrics and patterns along with accessories like rugs or cushions.

Small rooms can be transformed into vibrant colours and patterns with 1-2 curtains. 

#5. Solid coloured curtains and patterned furniture go hand-in-hand 

Yes, you heard it right!

A general thumb rule is to pair patterned bedding or furniture with solid coloured curtains.

Even if you’ve got a solid colour in your furniture, try to bring in patterned window treatments in your bedroom for a perfect date night.

Get your desired designer curtains online! 

A Final Note 

There is a myriad of options available when you’re planning to pair your curtains and blind the right way.

Are you looking for a fresh look for your house?

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