Bed sheet shopping done right -

Bed sheet shopping done right

Think of the most comfortable bed you have slept in. What serves the experience?

Yes, the mattresses, pillows and blankets of course. But sheets make just equal difference, don't they? Not just the tactile, but also the visual element of bedroom is served right if the bed sheets are chosen well.

But what really makes a right choice? The mere quantity of options available on the market can put one in a quandary.

Let’s consider some aspects that may prove helpful in making the correct choice.


100% cotton is always an excellent choice. Its quality and softness is unmatched and is also said to have anti-allergic properties. Owing to these superior characteristics, pure cotton bed sheets can be expensive. The only downside to the fabric is that it may shrink over a period of time.

Blended or better known as polyester bed sheets, although having a rather synthetic feel, are inexpensive, durable and less prone to wrinkling.


Thread count is the gauge for the quantity of the threads per square inch. Higher thread count suggests softer and better quality in fabrics. While 120TC can be considered good, 140TC will be better. Premium quality TC is 200 to 500.


  • SIZE

Single (145x225 cm – twin), Queen (225x235 cm), King (270x270 cm), California King (275x275cm) – choose your bed sheets as per your bed size. Consider measuring the thickness of your mattress and add 2 to 4 inches on each side to avoid difficulty in tucking the bed sheets under.


The weave of the fabric affects its texture. Sometimes patterned textures can be found on the fabric as a result of the weave applied.

A standard weave with a good thread count will feel smooth and soft. Satin weave is glossy as it is soft. However, it is relatively less durable. Twill weave is slightly heavy and less likely to get wrinkled. Jacquard weave is intricate and considered to be a premium variant.


If your bedroom interiors are highly decorated and ornamented you might want to go for a solid color bed sheet. Against which if your décor is subtle and plain prints on sheets can add a nice accent to the look of the space. Printed bed sheets have a wide variety in terms of floral, geometrical, striped, checkered, 3D prints. There are certain prints, like jute or khadi, which offer virtual texture to the fabric too. Get creative and liven your room.



While selecting your bed sheet make sure you are aware of its color fastness properties. This would mean whether the print or dye of the fabric would lose color upon washing or not. Always see the wash care instructions before making a buy. The first wash of any quality fabric should be in cold water to avoid damage.

Who would have known there is so much to a bed sheet, right? Investing your money into the right product is essential, and we understand the same.

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