Throwing A Party? Here's How You Decorate Your Living Room

Throwing A Party? Here's How You Decorate Your Living Room

Throwing A Party? Here's How You Decorate Your Living Room
Throwing a party is an exciting but challenging prospect. You must clean the house, replace all bed and bathroom linen with fresh ones, decorate the house and order sufficient quantities of food and beverages. Above all, your living room – the scene of the party – must look not just clean but also elegant and modern.
If you are confused about how to spruce up your living room in time for the party, we’ve got some easy tips for you to get you started:

#1 Get A New Carpet.
Being an equatorial country, India has traditionally hot and dry weather in some parts and high humidity in others. As a result, we prefer floors with cool tiling in stone or wood finishes, so that the house does not become unbearably hot to use. But over the years, as more people shift to central or partial air-conditioning in the house, the need for cold floors has been steadily eliminated. Today, people prefer to cover their floors with linoleum or plush carpets – these add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. And it’s easy to do as well – order a lovely new carpet or rug online to add to your living room décor, and have it installed where you wish just in time for the party.

#2 Get New Curtains Or Drapes.
Curtains are an important home furnishing item. They can either be completely unobtrusive and perform their function of cutting out light from the windows, or be a design element in their own right. We say, choose the latter approach. You can find the most gorgeous cotton curtains in online home décor stores. Pick a pair that complements the living room’s colour scheme or contrasts it boldly. Now sit back and let your guests talk glowingly about how pretty your curtains are.

#3 Wall Art Is Always Nice.
Art provokes thought and comment. It is a good conversation starter for a party, while also serving to be a focal point on your living room wall. You can buy a gorgeous painting online that becomes a talking point, or a series of differently sized canvases from a leading home décor brand in India. Leave the walls next to the wall art bare, so that the eye is drawn to the canvases automatically. If necessary, you can highlight the wall with a few strings of fairy lights – these will look enchanting as night falls.

#4 Add A Quirky Wall Clock.
Give your guests the excuse to say, ‘My God, is that the time?’ and stand up to thank you for an excellent party. But when they do, the clock should be attractive enough to hold their gaze and elicit a comment from them. Choose a quirky or slightly arty wall clock online that captures the attention. It could have an irregular shape, or a bold colour on the dial, or a vintage look and design. You can easily order an online wall clock from our collection for wide range and quick delivery.

#5 Place Little Lamps Or Tea Lights At Various Points.
As the evening progresses, your guests would like to sit in groups and talk to each other as they sip wine and partake of snacks. Have a lot of throw pillows on the floor so guests can sit down in small groups and chat. But harsh lighting is not ideal for an intimate set up of this sort. Arrange small lamps at key points in the living room, or tea lights along the walls, to offer small light sources that encourage guests to sit close by.

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