Home décor defines the taste and personality of the resident. As vast a subject that home décor is, people tend to redecorate once in every few years. Décor trends change and bring something new to market every year. Surely, choosing the correct trend to match your style must become a task.

Some trends remain timeless. Read on for some classic home decorating elements that will never go out of style.




Less is more! Minimalistic home décor style focuses on negative spaces, muted and monochromatic color palette. Looking at few accessories and bare minimal furniture, this trend allows no clutter. Minimalism goes well with every room and exudes peaceful composure.




A combination of contemporary pieces and vintage or antique elements can produce a room which may look like it has evolved over the years. It helps create a lasting result. Introducing the old world charm and elegance into a modern home décor can evoke a sense of uniqueness and comfort. Also, including some handmade and quality antiques in you design will add a priceless touch of craftsmanship.


Painting your walls is a quick and easy way to change the look of your room. But painting them a striking solid may begin to look distasteful in a few years. On the other hand, painting your walls a neutral shade such as beige, taupe, gray, soft browns or shades of white will give a sophisticated and elegant vibe to your room.

Additionally, you can inject your love of colors and patterns as accents. Go crazy with bolder shades when choosing accessories like throw pillows, paintings, accent chairs, area rugs. These are also easy to swap out every season.



Many products sold online look quite designer and appealing, but would they really serve a purpose in your home? A shelf looks very chic but it is not wide enough to hold anything you might want to put on it. Similarly, a chair or settee might look attractive but doesn’t look comfortable. Do not buy unnecessary products which do not help any function or comfort.




A trend which never misses drawing eyes is artwork on walls. Whether you put paintings or photo frames on your walls, it will always look well-curated. It is also a good way to add a dab of color.

This trend is more likely to reflect upon your personality, relatively. Thus, take time to choose the pieces that go up on your walls and don’t be hasty to fill the empty spaces. Quality over quantity!

artwork_collage_on_wall photo_frame_on_wall painting



Another trend which is evergreen is letting the beauty, texture, character, and energy of plants into your home. Plants are as expressive as painting and as alluring as antiques, and decorating with them never seems to go out of style. They work well with every room, from bedroom and living room to kitchen and bathroom.

If you don’t seem to have provision to place a planter on floor, shelves or tables inside your home, try hanging them somewhere on ceilings or railings. Their freshness offers a unique texture in contrast to hard surfaces.

indoor_plants hanging_planter
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