Confused about Choosing Door Curtains for your French Doors? Try these Tips and Never go Wrong!

Confused about Choosing Door Curtains for your French Doors? Try these Tips and Never go Wrong!

A French door is a major desirable feature for home dwellers as French doors add beauty to your home. French doors are very stylish and beautiful, but it is quite a task to style and choose curtains for them in a way that complements your home. 

There are many ways to style your French doors, from permanent installations to quick & easy no-drill. Always choose curtain rods that go well with the décor of your room. For curtains, you can go with opaque or sheers curtains or even a combination of both. 

If you are muddled about how to style your french door curtains, you are in the right place. 

We will share some ‘aww-standing’ ideas that you will love. 

Let’s start from the S-T-A-R-T. 

French doors are a pair of doors or a single door made of glass panes/solid glass; hence this will allow optimum light to enter your houses. Oh, laa laa… this saves your electricity! They can even protect from cold and heat if installed and insulated correctly, just like any solid door. It’s essential to select curtains on French doors wisely. 

Door Curtains on French Door, Yes or No? 

Many people feel that hanging door curtains on a French door takes away the basic and core purpose of installing it, i.e., more light in the room. But French door does not give you privacy. That is why we strongly recommend having door curtains on your French doors so you can have the option of shielding the panes from public view. 

There are many other reasons for having curtains on French doors, but the main reason is having privacy. 

Different types of Curtains you can use for French Doors! 



     Door Panels:

    Door panels are available in Sheer fabrics, and they fit over the doors while providing privacy. They have a rod pocket at the bottom and top of the glass panel. You can even tie the curtains from the curtain to give an hourglass look. 
  • Drapes:

    Drapes are the normal curtain style that most people use for their windows. They are mostly hung high above the door, and they also extend a few inches beyond the frame. 
  • Valances:

    A valance is quite a unique way of styling your French door. It only covers the top portion of the window. They can either be used alone or along with drapes or blinds. 
  • Shades:

    Roman shades are used for giving a sleek and tailored look. Shades are installed at the top of the French door, and you can pull down the shades with the help of a pulley system as and when you want to light inside your house.  


Tips and Tricks: How to Choose Door Curtains for your French Doors?  


We will share some do’s and don’ts that will make your process of choosing door curtains for your French doors super easy. 

Do measure the length and width of your French door before you head on to purchase your curtains and curtain rods.   

Don’t choose a short length curtain width. Your curtains should completely cover the doors when they are closed. Depending on the look and appearance that you want for your doors, you can choose the fullness of the curtains. 

  • Standard fullness: Curtain width two times that of your French door’s width.
  • Deluxe fullness: Curtain width two and half times that of your French door’s width.
  • Maximum fullness: Curtain width three times that of your French door’s width. 


Don’t hang curtains that are exactly of the same size as your doors. Your door coverage will seem incomplete, and closing the curtains will create a severe unfinished look. 

Do choose tab top or grommet curtains for smooth functioning as you are likely to open and close the curtains very often. 

Don’t choose your curtain rods too short. Take care that your curtain rods are long enough to keep curtains away from the doors. 

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Before choosing curtain rods and curtains for your French door, you must know the different French door types. You need to choose curtain rods and curtains according to your doors. 

A French door can be classified on the basis of the length between two French doors, and the number of French doors. The different types of French door are single or double standalone French door, a set of double French doors close together, and two or more French doors separated by a wall. 

You need to choose curtains and curtain rods that can fully cover the door. 

Curtains should be wide enough to cover all the doors.  

Ideas to Hang Door Curtains on your French Door:  


Do you need some amazing and stylish ideas on how to hang French door curtains for your room? Here are 4 ideas that will make you go ‘WOW.’ 

  1. 1) Get Some Classy Touch! 

Combining shades and door curtains can give your room a very bold and beautiful touch. You can use the shades to block light from entering the room and keep the curtains open for a decorative and classy touch. 



  1. 2) Sheer in the middle 

If you have a double set French door, having sheers in between your French door is a winning look! You can create a light and gusty look by adding single sheer in between each door. 



  1. 3) Curtain tiebacks and their Importance: 

Want to have a stylish look for your French door along with the use of curtains? 

Use tiebacks to have curtains neatly in place while showing the beauty of your French doors!  

  1. 4) A perfect combination of curtains and sheers: 

For an elegant look, you can always have a double curtain rods bracket. In one rod bracket, you can install door curtains while in the second you can install sheers. 

Closed sheers will provide you privacy while still letting light come through. 

PRO TIP: When having long curtain rods, make sure to add extra curtain rod support brackets for added strengthening. 

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How to Drape Curtains on French doors without Drilling a Single Hole?  

Do you not like holes on your wall for hanging curtain rods? 

Now we have a solution even for this problem. You can go for either with magnetic rods or tension rods. You can hang your door curtains on these rods without a single hole in your wall. 

Read below to find how to use these rods:  

Magnetic Rods: 

Step 1: 

Measure the length of your video. Now, measure the width of the window. Make sure it covers the entire window, and it should not even block the door hinges, handles or locks.  

Step 2: 

The second step is to position the magnetic rod on the top and bottom of the French door. Make sure the level is perfect. 

Step 3: 

Skim the top rod through the rod pocket at the top of the drape and place it in the bottom. After that, insert the bottom rod into the bottom rod pocket and place it in the base.  

Tension Rods: 

Step 1: 

Measure the distance between the section of the French door where you want to install the rod. Make sure that both the ends of the rod rests firmly against the obtruding frame. 

Step 2: 

At the bottom and top of the curtain rod, insert the rod through the rod pocket respectively. 

Step 3: 

Now hold the bottom rod up to the French door and unscrew the smaller side of the rod until it fits securely between the door frame. Repeat, securing the top rod to the top of the door. 

In a nutshell, styling a French door might be difficult but not impossible. With these styles and tips, you will be able to enjoy the royal décor from your French doors and even add a style statement by draping curtains with these cool ideas. 

Now, you are all set to go buy and style your French doors with aesthetic curtains. 

Don’t forget to share your home décor tips with your friends and relatives when they complement about your beautiful French door and its styling. 

Go Trendy Before You Go Tacky! 

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