Vastu for Home – How To Design Your Bedroom As Per Vastu

Vastu for Home – How To Design Your Bedroom As Per Vastu

7 Essential Vastu Tips For Your Bedroom 

Bedroom is the place in the home where we relax and rejuvenate. No one can deny the importance of peaceful and comfortable sleep. It helps in boosting immunity, gives energy and is good for mental health. So, it is imperative to plan and design a bedroom that can enhance the quality of your life and sleep. With the help of Vastu Shastra, an environment favorable to good health, harmony, joy and prosperity can be created at home. It is the science of designing and building homes that enhances the positive energies within a place. Vastu Shastra is based on maintaining harmony and balance between the five cosmic elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space. So, let’s see the essential Vastu tips that can help us to channelize the positive energies in our home and aligning the décor of the bedroom to ensure an  ambience that helps to relax and unwind 




Southwest is the best direction for the location of Master Bedroom. Southwest direction represents the Earth element hence provides the stability and a solid foundation. It is most appropriate for the master of the house. The shapes suggested by Vastu are regular shapes like square and rectangular size and to avoid any cuts or extensions.




Bed placement should be with the headrest towards South as it is best direction to sleep according to Vastu. The sleep position should be such to bypass the earth electromagnetic waves since earth is a magnet. Earth’s electromagnetic waves flow from North east to South West. If we sleep with our head towards the South, it results in a peaceful sleep. East is the second best direction to keep your head while you sleep. As per Vastu, sleeping with head in north should be avoided.

# Placing the bed in corner with the corner adjacent to the wall can block the movement of energy. The headrest of the bed can be placed along the wall leaving a space around to move. The bed should not be placed across the main door of the master bedroom.




Vastu advises to use beds made of wooden material and not use metallic beds as they may create negative vibrations. The shape of the bed should ideally be rectangle or square and not circular.




# Colors have an impact on our mood, psychology and health. Vastu suggests that light color bedroom walls helps you relax and ensure better sleep and peace of mind. Some of the colors that are suggested for bedroom walls are neutral and earthy shades like almond tones, beige, light and pastel shades of blue, light green, white and pink. Dark colors like black and dark blue should be avoided as they are associated with negative energies. Dark colors can upset the balance and affect the energy levels. Geometrical designs in black and blue should be avoided.

# The best color for the bedroom also depends on the location of the bedroom like the bedroom in the South west is represented by element earth. Shades of brown, earthy tones, beige are best suited for bedroom in this direction. Bed Linen in light colors like white, beige, pale green, blue, pink, light purple is soothing and helps to relax.


As per Vastu for home, it is suggested that South west corner implies heaviness so the cupboards and wardrobes should be placed along the south to south west walls. Electronic appliances like Television should be avoided in bedroom but if placed, they should not be placed in front of the bed. If at all television is needed, it can be placed in the East or South east. It should be positioned away from the bed as it emits waves that affect sleep. As per Vastu, the reflection through a television or mirror should not be seen when in bed as it causes conflicts.
# It is advisable to not keep mirrors in front of the bed. Dressing table can be put next to bed as it will not reflect the body while sleeping.




Natural plants and flowers bring fresh vibes to any space so it is ideal to decorate your home with fresh flowers.

# If the master bedroom is used by couples, place home decor items that come in pair like pair of birds, pair of elephants etc. Family pics can be used to decorate the room.

# Avoid placing items like water fountains or temples and idols in the master bedroom.

# Aromatherapy helps the mind to relax so aromatic candles can be used in the bedroom for improving the mood.

# Vastu advises movement of free energy so avoid clutter especially under the bed. It helps to create order and free up some space in the room.




Fresh or new bedlinen enhances the positive energies. It is advisable to use clean and fresh bed sheets to add positive vibes to the whole space.

# Light blue pastel shades create a calm and serene vibe. Green color has healing properties and represents nature. Pink color is for creativity, love and joy. Purple color is good for those with anxiety. White color symbolises peace and purity. Choose Orange color for vitality and health. Shades of brown and earthy tones are the perfect color for bedroom interiors as per Vastu.



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