Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosier & More Comfortable This Season

Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosier & More Comfortable This Season

Bedroom is often the place where you spend most of your times. We sleep, work, study, have fun and do a lot and almost all the things in the bedroom. Setting up a bedroom is the most exciting as well as the most challenging task to do. We want it to be beautiful, spacious, comfortable, cozy and almost everything.

Here are a few tricks to help you setting up your bedroom and exploring more about different aspects of bedroom décor.


  1. A Plush Bedroom Rug

You must have thought of having a carpet for the living room but getting it for bedroom would hasn’t crossed your mind – why not have one in the bedroom? It gives an elegant touch with many uses. It protects your floor, creates a plush, noise-cancellation surface to walk on. You can choose a beautiful, easy to maintain bedroom carpet and give your bedroom a comforting touch.

  1. Highlight the Wood

Wooden surfaces with a matte polish gives a classic touch to your bedroom.Add wooden side tables, a matching coffee table in the corner of the bedroom, a wooden dressing table, and other wooden furniture. Please ensure to match your furniture with your bedroom interiors.

  1. Focus on The Bed

Getting the right bed linen is a key to making the bedroom an amazing and cosy space to be in. Invest in new cotton bedsheets, pillowcases, bedcovers and other bed layers for the bed.

Once the bed linen is sorted, look for a bed that scales the bedroom and gives it an enticing touch

  1. Add the Magic of Light

Soft lighting enlightens the bedroom. A lot of times bedrooms get the lighting element completely wrong. The trick lies in designing different ‘zones’ in the room using different light fixtures and intensities. Have soft lighting as a bedside lamp or in the ceiling at the end of the bed, add a sofa chair, a mirror with bulbs with a nice frame. Also ensure to leave a space for natural light and use sheer curtains to diffuse strong sunlight, or blackout curtains to cut the glare.



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