What is Mink Blanket? It’s Type - Story@Home

What is Mink Blanket? It’s Type - Story@Home

All of us want a sound and an uninterrupted sleep so that when we wake up, we feel as fresh as a dewdrop. Our slumber depends a great deal on the space we are in, that is our bedroom and how peaceful and clean is the surroundings. A suboptimal temperature or light or even some discomfort caused by even the ticking of the clock may not fit into some person’s scheme of things. These blankets that fall smoothly over us and keep us warm and comfortable are widely sought after. Mink blankets do this to a great extent and that is why it is preferred by people around the world. The softness of these blankets is something that draws us to it and we wish to use them instead of other types of blankets made of other materials. It will be quite thoughtful to add that these mink blankets have not taken any animal fur to manufacture them. No animal has been harmed; so, you can sleep without any pang of guilt. You should check the mink blanket price before buying. It may vary.

Why Do We Need A Blanket?

  • No sooner do you put yourself on the mattress and head on a pillow, you feel like pulling over yourself something soft, warm, and comfortable.
  • It is well-known that a blanket is a cover made of fabric that is soft and warm to cover our body so that we slip into a deep comfortable sleep.
  • The blanket keeps us cosy and comfortable while we snuggle up to the bolster.
  • A good quality blanket will ensure you feel at ease and find it easy to get some sound sleep.

A Mink Blanket

  • It feels like mink but it is not. It is a blend between acrylic and polyester. The polyester is responsible for its wrinkle-free state while the softness is caused by acrylic.
  • There are Korean mink blankets widely popular due to their softness.
  • It can be bought at supermarkets or you can buy them online too.
  • These come in different colours like light colours or a deep tone.
  • Mink blankets are also useful for freezing winters. These are softer and warmer.
  • You can buy mink blankets online also for your convenience.

Types Of Mink Blankets

One should know about different types of mink blankets. There are single bed mink blankets as well as double bed mink blankets

  • Korean mink blankets: These are made of acrylic and polyester, and these are quite soft. These are made and exported from Korea. Hence, the name.
  • Vietnamese mink blankets: These are made in Vietnam. These are soft and the quality is good. It is exported from Vietnam.
  • Chinese mink blanket: These blankets too are quite famous but it is not at par with Korean or Vietnamese blankets in terms of quality. These are made of polyester only and that makes them less comfortable comparatively.
  • A single-layer mink blanket is for not-so-cold weather
  • A double-layer mink blanket has two layers of fabrics in it that makes it more insulated and suitable for the heavy winters.
  • The double-ply mink blankets are with designs on both sides and these blankets are reversible.



The usage of mink blankets is to keep us warm during cooler conditions. They are also used to add to the aesthetics of the room because of their various colours, designs and sizes like the double bed mink blankets. They can be matched with the colour scheme and interiors of the room if bought with a lot of care.

Where to buy mink blankets from?

Mink blankets are the softest coziest blankets you can buy from a trusted shopping portal i.e., Story@Home. They have a huge collection of premium quality blankets that are available at an affordable price.

So, make a good choice and invest in your mink blanket today!!

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