What You Need For A Good Night's Sleep: A Dohar

What You Need For A Good Night's Sleep: A Dohar

The summer season is upon us, and you often wake up drenched in sweat before switching the AC on. But after a while you’re too cold to sleep. You wish you had a soft AC quilt or a comfortable dohar blanket to curl up under and have a good night’s rest.

Stop tossing and turning at night - buy a good dohar online and have the best sleep this season.

What Is A Dohar?

A ‘dohar’ is a uniquely Indian comforter. It is sometimes called a blanket, though it is not. The fundamental difference between a blanket and dohar, is that the former has a single layer of wool encased in a top sheet of cotton or combed wool, while a dohar comprises several layers of beaten cotton. In fact, the word ‘dohar’ is a short form of the Hindi word ‘doharana’ which means ‘to repeat’. In terms of cotton dohar construction, this refers to the layering of cotton inside. Dohars are traditionally made by hand in various parts of the country. It is said that dohars were initially made only by wealthy Indian families because the inner filling would be encased in expensive Muslin cloth. Over time, other households started encasing the cotton within old sarees or scraps of cloth to offer a quilted pattern.

Modern dohars are machine-made and may have a downy or cottony filling to impart body. They are a great choice for both the monsoon and winter seasons, when the temperature drops appreciably. Dohars today are also used in a lot of modern Indian homes, even in the summer season when the household uses air conditioners to sleep in their rooms. It is safe to call them ‘AC dohars’ since they are thicker but lighter than the traditional dohars and can ideally be used all year round.

When And How To Use A Dohar

  • It is a myth that dohars are restricted to cold regions of the country. Dohar blankets are light enough to use in any part of India, even those with extreme climate in summer and winter. A light AC dohar can be used on a pleasant summer night, and it is ideal on cold winter nights.
  • Traditionally, dohars are made by elderly women in the family and are passed on as heirlooms to new members of the family on special occasions. They acquire keepsake status and are used when the weather turns.
  • However, you don’t have to wait for a family member to make a cotton dohar for you. Leading brands in India’s home furnishing space craft dohar blankets in different sizes and colours. You can even buy dohars in children.
  • Dohars are attractive enough to use as throw rugs on your living room couch as well.
  • You can buy a single or double dohar for your bedroom, in different prints. Consider if you and your partner will share a double AC quilt or double cotton dohar, or if two separates will be better.
  • You can wash the dohar as per the manufacturer instructions. Most of them can be washed in the washing machine with a mild liquid detergent. Avoid dry cleaning to preserve the fabric integrity and colours.

Buying The Best Dohar

  • Browse the dohar collections of a leading home furnishing brand.
  • Check the dimensions, material, colour options and care instructions.
  • Once you select a suitable dohar, you can add it to your shopping cart and continue shopping.
  • Finish paying for the dohar online and await delivery to your doorstep.

Once delivered, you can start using your new dohar right away. Story@Home has the widest range of dohars to choose from, so start browsing now.

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