Which Chair Is Best Suited To Your Home? Let's Find Out
All of us like to think that it is the people that make up a house – and that is certainly true to a large extent. But the real ethos of a house lies in the furniture that you buy for it. Furniture defines the flow and usage of the room, and it personifies its users. It is a good tool to shape the visual geometry of a space as well. Seating furniture, especially, is most important because it is used more than other furniture (such as tables and storage cabinets).
Are you remodelling your home and looking for seating options? You may have picked out a couch already. Your house also needs chairs, and the chair changes appearance and functionality as per the room it is meant for. Let’s discuss the types of chairs you should invest in:
#1 Folding Chairs For The Patio Or Additional Seating.
Folding chairs are an excellent investment. They can be opened and set up anywhere in the house, and folded away out of sight once used. They are convenient when you have a house party, or need additional seating on the patio or front lawn. But most folding chairs are quite wobbly and the metal parts rust after a few months. Browse for our chairs online for good quality, wider seat space and many design options.
#2 An Ergonomic Office Chair For The Study.
Most people have adjusted to the WFH (Work From Home) life brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. While some prefer to sit on their beds or sofas and work on their laptops, others need a work space that closely mimics the one they have at the office. If you belong to the latter category, you will need a desk chair that offers good lumbar support and armrests. Look for the best office trans steel chairs online that offer adjustable seat height, back roll feature and a wide seat.
#3 Sofa Chairs For The Living Room.
Your living room already has a plush couch – why not add sofa chairs to complement the décor? Sofa chairs offer comfortable individual seating, and you can accessorise them with a throw rug and footstool. Sofa chairs for the home are equally useful in the bedroom, if you wish to add one near the window or next to the bed. Some of them are light enough to be moved around the house as required. Look for slightly thick upholstery and an angled back.
#4 Bar Stools For The Kitchen.
Modern kitchens in India have begun featuring bar stools for seating – this creates an informal dining space for one or two people without allocating separate space for a large dining table. Bar stools are hip and quirky and they lend a contemporary outlook to the kitchen. They also provide seating when you wish to sit and chop or cut vegetables, or read a magazine while you wait for the eggs to boil, or simply sit by yourself with a soothing cup of cocoa.
When buying chairs for the home, always check its dimensions and whether the product will fit and match the space you intend it for. Also check on materials and cleaning instructions before you place an online chair order. Are you satisfied with the chairs you have bought? If not, the brand will exchange it for another one or refund your money.
We believe in crafting the perfect furniture that goes well with your perfect home. Do create a beautiful home for yourself, with a little help from Story@Home!