The heat is dropping and winter approaching. With the right update in the décor, our homes will begin to feel cozier. With the changing season, new trends are in the market. Let’s accommodate our homely atmosphere to these new trends, shall we?
While it gets bleak outside, we can dial it up on the inside with some floral in our décor. Bring in the winter blooming flowers, the floral prints on pillow covers, curtains, bed covers, wallpapers, table cloths. Explore your options. There are many kinds of floral prints in the store. Choose wisely and find an arrangement that best suits your style and home. Your surroundings will instantly start to feel fresh and alive.
Colors have the power to evoke strong emotions. A simple and classic method to institute a vibe that you desire in your homes is to play around a color. Autumn-Winter 2018 is falling in love with some striking hues. Try setting your décor in a blazon of audacious Navy Blue, or a pacifying Emerald Green, or stick to a discreet Neutral Gray. Although, if you want more vibrancy then it will be better to go with an exotic Autumn Maple, or daring Scarlet Red, or the fresh and vivacious Golden Lime.

There are many ways to incorporate these colors. From curtains and bed sheets to chinaware and wallpapers, any room can be redone swiftly just by picking the color of your choice.

Vintage rugs bring in the extra warmth during winters that perfectly complement every setting of décor. Not a lot of work goes into this quick and easy trick, just a selective eye to choose the suitable rug. Story@Home offers a collection of Chenille Carpets that might interest you.


Include some cozy textures in your autumn-winter 2018 home décor revamp for a perfect, cuddle-friendly space. Add velvet to the sofas and cushion covers, use macramé for decorating surfaces, lay shaggy area rugs onto the floors. There are endless ways to try this, be it making purchases or giving a shot to DIY.


A fusion collection gathered from various lands, or at least aesthetically derived from diverse countries, will bring an all-encompassing flair to your interiors. This trend is a ticket to take your game up a notch. Investing here will keep your décor in trend for all seasons, because travel never goes out of style.

Come alive this winter with these vitalising trends.


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